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Danielle Fishel Shared The Most Beautiful Maternity Photos

by Brianna Wiest

Pregnancy is challenging, it's surprising, and it can be downright difficult at times. However, for many moms, it's also a truly magical time filled with love, emotions, and quite a few months to think about the honor of getting to welcome a new child into your family. Such is the case for Danielle Fishel, who shared emotional maternity photos with her fans and followers today, saying she could "cry [she] loves them so much."

In a post to her Instagram account, Fishel shared a few sweet shots of herself and her husband, Jensen Karp. "Last week our dear friend @jillianbob flew across the country to take maternity photos for us and I could definitely cry over how much I love them," she wrote. Fans and followers immediately began replying to wish her congratulations. "You look beautiful!! I am due in 6 weeks with a little girl. It's crazy how fast it goes by," one fan wrote. "Right? Feels like it sped right by'll be nice to not be pregnant again too!" Fishel replied.

"Oh my god, this image could not be more beautiful and radiant!!! This is what love looks like!!" said another comment. "Just beautiful! You all look like you can’t wait to become parents!" added yet another.

The gorgeous photos were captured by photographer Jillian McQuerrey and Fishel's makeup was done by makeup artist Julie Cuomo.

Fishel announced that she was pregnant with her first child earlier this year, in a sweet Instagram post that involved a pair of very tiny baby sneakers, USA Today reported.

"I'm eating for two. I'm napping with wild abandon. Baby shoes. Baby clothes. (I'm shopping). I'm nesting. I'm reading books. I'm madly in love with my husband. I cry at commercials. I'm a walking cliché. I've got baby apps. I'm confident. I feel inadequate. I'm showing one day and the next I'm not. I'm nervous. I'm excited. He's due in July. We can't wait," she wrote in the caption.

That mix of emotions is certainly relatable, and not the first time that Fishel was honest about her excitement and apprehension about the daunting task of childbirth. In an interview with Parents, she opened up about how she is coaching herself through it.

"I want to avoid horror stories," she told the magazine. "I feel like we, in society, for whatever reason really glamorize the hardships of labor and birth and pregnancy, and if you go into something being like, 'Welp, I'm in for the worst day of my life,' of course you're going into it expecting it to be really hard. If I go into it like, 'This is what my body is built to do, I'm more than capable of doing this, women have been doing it for centuries and centuries and I'm going to feel connected to them and I'm going to gather their strength.'"

In another interview with, Fishel opened up about how she's coping with all the physical changes of pregnancy, and that she's found body positivity harder than she thought.

"To see the numbers on the scale go up, to feel my clothes getting tighter. All of that has been surprisingly hard for me," she said. "To be honest, there’s a part of me that feels ashamed about it. Like, how come I’m not just loving every second of this and how comeI’m not feeling as beautiful as I think other pregnant women look? I’ve had to deal with that. There’s been a lot of emotional days where I’ve had to remind myself that this is a natural process and it’s OK and that I can’t be in control of this. And I don’t feel like enough women talk about it, so that’s why I bring it up."

Be that as it is, hopefully a beautiful maternity shoot helped her reclaim some of that confidence. In the meantime, it's refreshing to hear someone speak so candidly about the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and parenthood. We'll be waiting anxiously to see what wisdom she has to share when her son arrives.