Dave Grohl Rocking Out With Big Bird & Elmo On ‘Sesame Street’ Is Just So Pure — VIDEO

Is it just me, or is this time of the year just so "meh"? The holiday season is nearly upon us, but not quite, there are fewer hours of daylight, the temperatures are rapidly dropping... you catch my drift, right? Well, if you happen to have a bad case of the mid-week blahs, I have just the thing to lift your spirits. Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl joined Big Bird and Elmo for a song on Sesame Street and it's probably exactly what you needed today.

In honor of Sesame Street's 50th anniversary, the Foo Fighters vocalist and guitarist will be appearing on the beloved children's show, Rolling Stone reported. The big episode premieres on Saturday, Nov. 16. However, a video of Grohl singing the "Here We Go Song" with Big Bird and Elmo was released on Sesame Street's YouTube channel ahead of his appearance.

In the video, Grohl says, “It’s nice to come here and be with my friends Big Bird and Elmo. I was just thinking, ‘There are friends everywhere – even ones you don’t know.’" Big Bird then asks him, “How can you have friends that you don’t know?”

“I just mean there’s lots of people all across America we could be friends with, we just haven’t met them yet," Grohl explains.

Have a listen for yourself. (I dare you not to smile.)

Isn't it just so delightful? Twitter was certainly thrilled with it, in case you were wondering. One person commented, "I mean...as if there weren’t already *enough* reasons to love Lord David Of Grohl!" Another Twitter user declared, "My heart is going to EXPLODE."

Others implored Grohl to try out the song at one of his upcoming concerts. "Can’t wait to see this one played live!" one Twitter user commented. "This better be a new addition to the setlist," another person insisted.

It was first revealed in September 2018 that Grohl would be making an appearance on Sesame Street in honor of the show's big anniversary, according to Louder Sound, after puppeteer Ryan Dillon shared an Instagram photo showing the Foo Fighters performer on-screen next to Big Bird and Elmo. “Dave Grohl was incredible. Thanks for playing with us! A great way to wrap up this week’s shoot!" Dillon captioned the post.

So as it turns out, Dave Grohl rocking out with Big Bird and Elmo was exactly what my jaded, wearing soul needed.