Dave & Odette Annable's Honesty About Each Other's Sleep Habits Is Super Real

If you've been with your partner for a few years, then chances are, you're both fully aware of the other's annoying sleeping habits. From snoring, to bed-hogging, bad breath, sleep-talking, and more, it's not always easy sharing a bed with another person. (So I totally get it when some couples choose to have separate beds or bedrooms.) Which is why — as someone who has been married for eight years now — I can say that Dave and Odette Annable's honesty about each other's sleep habits is super real.

But first, let's get some perspective. If you're like me and sitting there, wondering, "Wait, who the heck are Dave and Odette Annable?" here's the scoop. This real-life married couple stars in the TV-movie No Sleep 'Til Christmas, which is among this year's lineup on Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas. The plot of this movie is definitely intriguing: Two insomniac strangers discover they can only fall asleep next to each other, according to Deadline. Aside from it being an odd solution to their problem, add to this the fact that Odette's character, Lizzie, is engaged and planning her wedding to someone else. (Awkward... ) As you can probably guess, Lizzie and Billy — Dave's character — wind up falling for each other along the way. Because of course they do.

No Sleep 'Til Christmas premiers at 9 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 10, if you're interested. (And is it just me, or does Odette look like a cross between Mandy Moore and Keira Knightley?) Check out the trailer, below!

With the plot of this Freeform movie in mind, Dave and Odette recently spilled all the deets about their real-life co-sleeping situation. And as couples who have been together for a while know all too well, it's not always pretty. "Eight years. We've been married for eight years, so we know all about each other," Odette explains an exclusive video shared by E! Online. "He's a night farter," Odette admits.

"I was going to say, I snore out of my butt sometimes," Dave clarifies.

"It's really bad, please don't print that," Odette laughs. "Or do, and embarrass him ... please … We've got to get it controlled. It's so bad." LOL!

The pair goes onto reveal that Dave typically falls asleep almost instantly — sometimes before whatever they've decided to watch on TV even has a chance to load. Odette, on the other hand, hates the TV and requires a noise machine to help her drift off into dreamland. However, because they're married — and already used to one another's terrible morning breath — it makes kissing on-set NBD. "It doesn't really matter. We don't have to pop in that breath mint right before," Odette sys in the video.

I don't know about you, but I was cracking up as I watched this video of Dave and Odette Annable roasting each other. Because as it turns out, my husband and I have a lot of the same bedtime struggles. He farts, snores, and insists on having a fan running. Meanwhile, I hate the blasted fan and his loud bodily functions. (To be fair, though, I hog the covers and have the worst morning breath ever.) And since I'm in the third trimester with our fourth chid, I'm also taking up a huge portion of the bed with my glorious pregnancy pillow — along with tossing and turning (not to mention groaning from the effort of rolling over) all night long. Oh, and did I mention our 2-year-old joins us in bed at some point every single night? Yeah. There's a whole lot going on in our bed, and it definitely isn't the fun stuff.

But I'm not gonna lie: I totally want to see No Sleep 'Til Christmas even more now, after watching the Annables' sleep confessions. Because judging by the movie trailer and this interview, they're hilarious together. And how often is it that an actual married couple stars in a rom-com? I can't wait!

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