David Beckham Named 'People's Sexiest Man Alive & We Aren't Mad About It

While you were all busy wondering which Republican presidential candidate would rise to the top, or whether or not Bernie Sanders would actually defeat Hillary Clinton, there was a far more contentious battle raging on. You know what I'm talking about: Who will be People's Sexiest Man Alive? Because it's that time of year — the time when Chris Hemsworth must give up his sexy, sexy 2014 trophy (that's his cover above) and pass it onto a more worthy 2015 candidate. So who won the 2015 title? Why, as we found out on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE! Tuesday night, David Beckham is People's Sexiest Man Alive, of course.

Said the winner on Kimmel's late night show, "I mean it's the best moment of my career, I can't believe it." Beckham thanked his parents, his hairdresser, and his stylist for helping him win this high honor.

In recent years, People has faced criticism for its lack of diversity on the list. Though in 2013, People's first Sexiest Jewish Man alive Adam Levine won the prize, the magazine hasn't featured an entertainer of color on its Sexiest Man Alive cover since Denzel Washington topped the list in 1996.

And, in 2015, People remained very, very white, eschewing diversity in favor of David Beckham, but hey, he's British right?

Beckham put it best on Kimmel tonight: "maybe next year" to all other male celebrities. Time to start campaigning for 2016!

Image: People