David Beckham Sews Doll Dresses For His Daughter & It's Pretty Sweet


Dads everywhere might not have that much in common with the former soccer player and model, but they can certainly match the cuteness of David Beckham sewing doll dresses for his four year old daughter. That's just your every day weekend with a toddler, right? This weekend, Beckham's wife Victoria snapped a candid shot of Beckham sewing dresses for their daughter, Harper's dolls.. She captioned the photo with hashtags "family fun," "loving daddy," and "proud mummy," with some prayer hands. Beckham, crouched on the floor with needle and thread, looks super intent on getting that pink dress stitched together. It's good to know celebrities aren't immune to being coerced into finishing their children's arts and crafts projects either.

It should come as no surprise that Beckham is a family oriented kind of guy. In his GQ cover story for their April issue, he told the magazine that he and his family are "very traditional." He reported during his photo shoot that he and his brood have a movie night and make popcorn together each week. And lest you think you're suffering alone with non-celeb parents, Beckham has admitted to having seen Frozen "probably 50 or 60 times." He's also watched Spice World, a movie starring his wife's former band, Spice Girls, a couple of times while Victoria and Harper did the dance moves together.

Harper is already following in her mother's fashion-led footsteps, and not just because she's found some local labor like her father to manufacture her doll dress line. The tot has inspired a a handful of fashion blogs that documents her daily outfits when caught by the paparazzi. When informed that her daughter was a street style icon at this year's New York Fashion Week Victoria Beckham was a tad surprised but said that it wasn't entirely shocking either since Harper is "so chic."

Lest you think it's silly to buy designer clothes for someone so tiny — and so quick to grow out of them — don't judge the fashion forward family just yet. The Beckham's auctioned 25 of their daughter's outfits last summer to support the Save the Children foundation. Victoria BEckham said at the time, "As a mother, I passionately believe that all children, wherever they live, have the right to a happy, healthy life.” And a well dressed one, of course. Donating outfits is one way the Beckham family gives back. In 2014, Victoria cleaned her closet of 600 outfits to support Mothers2mothers, a charity that helps mothers living with HIV.

Now, if Harper can get her dad to pick up the pace, she'll have her own mini-wardrobe for her dolls to auction off someday when she's sick of them. There has got to be someone out there who wants to get their hands on a "hand sewn by David Beckham" doll dress collection in the name of charity. Or fan girl-dom at the very least.