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#DeflatedTomBrady Is The New #DeflateGame Meme

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady probably isn't exactly thrilled with the way the game is going at Super Bowl 51, and he hasn't tried to hide it from the cameras. Down 21-0 going into halftime, a shot of Tom Brady looking totally downtrodden has made its way to social media, spawning lots of deflated Tom Brady memes that are totally hilarious, even if they are at the quarterback's expense.

The photo of Brady hunched over himself on the bench with his head hanging low is a pretty good summation of how pretty much every Patriots fan is probably feeling right about now, but for everyone out there who was hoping to see Brady and the Patriots crash and burn, it's got to be pretty satisfying. As the team's star player — not to mention one-half of an at-times super-smug celebrity couple, thanks to his marriage to supermodel Gisele Bündchen — there are lots of fans who are more than pleased to see him stumble. It's probably no surprise then that the #SadTomBrady hashtag took off pretty quickly during the game, but as many Twitter users have noted, the image is also a perfectly meme-ready one that can work for so many of life's trials, tribulations, and first-world problems.

Then, naturally, came the Deflategate ribbing:

Then there were those who just got a kick out of seeing him so down:

Twitter really wasn't very nice about it, either:

Then again, it's easy to argue that Brady had this grilling coming. In addition to his strange affinity for Ugg boots, and his determination to eat only organic vegetables and whole grains while avoiding entire food groups completely (Brady doesn't consume dairy, nor does he consume white sugar, white flour, iodized salt, or anything remotely fun or actually tasty), he's also been a big supporter of President Trump since long before the election, and even kept a "Make America Great Again" hat in his locker, according to The Awl.

Love Tom Brady or hate him, he's having a pretty rough night. But lucky for the rest of us, the resulting meme game is pretty strong.