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Denise Hemphill Returned To 'Scream Queens' Because She Was Gone Way Too Long

There's a shortage of truly lovable characters on Scream Queens, but security guard turned special agent Denise Hemphill was definitely one of them. So when it looked like she'd been killed, fans of the show were crushed. But now Denise Hemphill has returned to Scream Queens so everybody can breathe easy again. You didn't really believe she was gone for good, now did you?

When we last saw Denise, it was Halloween and she was dressed as Khaleesi (naturally), and had an unfortunate run-in with the Green Meanie. She and Chanel Number Five were attacked and then left to die on the hospital floor. (We now know that this particular Green Meanie was Wes.) Number Five recovered, but Denise was pronounced brain dead, and rather than throw her in the swamp, she was stuffed in a cryogenic chamber to test its efficacy by Dean Munsch. This is the moment it should have been obvious to anyone who watches this show that Denise was never going to be gone forever. If she's not dead-dead, she's not dead at all. In the season finale, she was finally revived, and everyone got their favorite character and her wise-cracking wisdom back for good. At least, until the Green Meanie or whatever other serial killer is out there strikes again.

Ironically, we have Nurse Hoffel to thank for this miracle resurrection. She was the one who turned off the cryogenic tank, leaving Denise to thaw out and come back to life as sassy as ever. Thank God they decided not to throw her in the swamp with all the other bodies.

And she came back just in time to save the crew. Nurse Hoffel used the cryogenic chamber to create a bomb, and then locked everyone in a cage and left them to be blown to pieces. Luckily, even though Denise had never learned how to diffuse a bomb in Quantico, she had watched the hit TV show Quantico, and figured out how to turn off the bomb and save everyone. Except for Dr. Cassidy, of course, who jumped in front of a machete thrown by Nurse Hoffel in order to save Chanel Number Three. (Ah, true love.) We won't get to see any more of the beautiful Taylor Lautner, but at least we now have Denise back to comfort us with her fabulous hair and even more fabulous attitude. How fitting that she is the real hero of the day.