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Denise Hemphill's Fate On 'Scream Queens' Is Still Uncertain

Before Scream Queens took it's two week break, viewers were left with a pretty devastating cliffhanger. The Green Meanie had just attacked Chanel Number 5 and Denise Hemphill and left them for dead. Now that the show has returned, Denise Hemphill's fate on Scream Queens is still uncertain. Dean Munsch says that she's all but dead, but could there be a chance that Denise will actually survive and recover? In the real world this would be unlikely, but this is a weird show, and anything really is possible.

When Chanel, Number 3, and Dean Munsch found Denise and Number 5 lying in the hallway (attracted by Chanel's supernatural sense for Number 5's pain) Munsch quickly felt Denise's pulse and pronounced her dead immediately, and proposed they throw her in the swamp. As usual, no one paid much attention to Number 5, who was moments away from bleeding to death. Soon thereafter, after surveying the mass murder that the police were in the process of cleaning up, Munsch secretly admitted to Zayday that she actually felt a tiny pulse in Denise, and she was technically alive, though essentially braindead. Their options were to either watch her die slowly while hooked up to a ventilator, or to put her in the cryogenic tank that Munsch had recently purchased to test its efficacy. Obviously, they chose the tank.

Yes, Denise might really be braindead and wasting away freezing in a scientifically dubious reverse-suntan-booth, but she also might be completely alive and capable of recovery. Frankly, if she's not officially and 100 percent dead as a doornail, I don't believe she's dead at all. Denise has been the most entertaining character of the season (I stand by that), and it's truly a waste if she's actually gone forever. Also, what would be the point of keeping her barely alive only to lose her again. Just from a storytelling perspective it is entirely unfair.

And if she does return, it's possible that she could have some vital information about who the Green Meanie actually is. She could also have some vital information about Hester, who is back in action and more psychotic than ever. I can't wait to find out.