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Derek On 'The Bachelorette' Is Jim Halpert From 'The Office,' & Here Are 5 Reasons Why

With the 12th season of The Bachelorette officially underway, viewers are getting to know the men all vying for JoJo Fletcher's heart. We've got the goofball, Nick B., the sweethearts, James Taylor and Wells, the villain, Chad, and the bewildering Daniel. We also have one contestant that I am almost 100% sure is actually Jim Halpert from The Office, Derek Peth. The guys have all busted out some interesting moves in order to garner attention from JoJo and from all of us, but none has been so effective or so subtle as the lovable Derek Peth's resemblance to a certain white collar heartthrob that any fan of The Office would be happy to marry in a second.

Jim Halpert captured our hearts with his seasons long unrequited longing for the world's most charming receptionist and aspiring graphic designer, Pam. Jim wooed Pam not with declarations, elaborate gifts (usually), or musical performances. Jim captured Pam's heart (and everyone's) with inside jokes, genuine empathy, respect, and basically just a really great friendship. Also his adorable smile, obviously. Surrounded by pick-up artists, screen-hogs, and guys with unclear understanding of fascist dictators, JoJo needs a Jim Halpert. Here are the reasons Derek is probably (definitely) Jim in disguise.

They Both Have A Sense Of Humor

Derek captioned this Instagram picture "I can't tell if they're holding the spot for someone or just jerks that think it's okay to park themselves here without a handicap pass." He gets points for being both cute and funny. Although Jim probably would have sent the picture to Dwight and told some sort of elaborate lie convincing him the ducks were programmed with government chips and were sent to spy on him.

They Both Have A Heart Of Gold

Pictured here in an adorable regram from his sister, Derek clearly has a great relationship with his family, which says a lot about his character. Derek is a sweetie, just like my beloved Jim.

They're Romantics

No, Derek's cover of Adele's new classic "Hello" cannot compete with her glorious pipes, however heartfelt. But it does convince me of his romantic soul. Rather like Jim, who bought Pam's engagement ring a week after they started dating.

These Bedroom Eyes Are Basically Jim's

I see it. Can't you see it?

They Have The Same Face

Just look at this face, you guys. They have the same face. At some point, I hope Derek turns and looks directly at the camera with an "I can't believe he just said that either," sort of expression. Do it for me, Derek. Do it for the fans.