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Diane Kruger Says Being A Mom Makes Her Feel Like A "Superhero"

When I brought my first child home from the hospital, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Those first few weeks with a newborn were pretty much a blur of trial and error, breastfeeding around the clock, sleepless nights, and "Am I really cut out for this?" second-guessing. Once the fog lifted, I remember slowly gaining confidence in my abilities as a parent — to the point where I was working full-time while raising a kid and all like, "I'm actually doing this. Look at me!" Recently, Diane Kruger said being a mom makes her feel like a "superhero." And I can totally relate when new moms have this realization.

The German fashion model-turned-actress recently chatted with Extra about her upcoming movie,Welcome to Marwen, starring Steve Carrell. In the process, Kruger also opened up about motherhood. "It's very rewarding," the new mom told Extra's Mark Wright. “She’s very little, but I’m tired. I feel like a superhero right now.” To that, her co-star, Janelle Monáe replied, "It doesn't look like it. She looks so amazing." (Which, for the record, I agree 100 percent with this statement.) Oh, and did you happen to notice? Kruger also revealed she gave birth to a baby girl!

As People reported toward the beginning of November, Kruger and her boyfriend — The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus — recently welcomed their first child together. (Reedus also has a 19-year-old son, Mingus Lucien, with ex Helena Christensen.) At the time, exactly zero details were known about the baby, including the sex, birth date, or name. Now, at least fans know they have a daughter.

The couple met while filming the movie Sky, which was released in 2015, according to People. However, they didn't go public with their relationship until March, 2017. Pregnancy rumors started swirling in May when Kruger was seen wearing a series of loose-fitting outfits during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, Us Weekly reported. Later that month, multiple sources confirmed the pregnancy.

During her interview with Extra, Kruger also revealed she's not going to be like the regular moms; she's going to be a cool mom. Well, maybe that's not exactly what she said. However, when asked if she would allow her daughter to one day dye her hair a funky color — because her character in Welcome to Marwen has turquoise hair — she was all for it. “Go for it — I wish my mom would have allowed me to do that,” she said. Yasss!

(Side note: Welcome to Marwen looks like a ridiculously good drama, for the record. Check out the trailer, below.)

Although Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus have obviously chosen to keep their personal lives private — including details about their daughter — I'm loving the actress's thoughts on motherhood so far. Because being a new mom is not easy. (And oftentimes, that can be difficult to admit this.) So the fact that Kruger says motherhood makes her feel like a superhero is pretty spot-on. Because it really does require a kind of super-human strength be responsible for a tiny human's every need — while still being able to function as a person yourself. A belated congrats to the new parents on the birth of their baby girl!

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