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Did Ali Kill Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? She's Asking For Forgiveness

Everyone has a secret on Pretty Little Liars, but Ali might have just revealed a really big one. On the Season 7 premiere, Ali might have confessed to a crime that she may or may not have committed. The crime in question? Her cousin Charlotte's death. So, did Ali kill Charlotte on Pretty Little Liars, or is she just being made to think she did?

On the premiere, Ali was in the hospital she checked herself into in the Season 6 finale. There, she was admitted because she was having delusional dreams that Jessica DiLaurentis and Wilden were stalking her in her house. The thing was, it wasn't a delusion. It was actually happening, thanks to Jessica's twin sister Mary Drake, and Rollins (Ali's husband) in a Wilden mask.

When Emily visits Ali in the hospital, Elliot tells her that Ali's condition has worsened. Has it, Rollins? Or are you just manipulating a very fragile person to thinking they did something? Emily tells Rollins what they know about Mary Drake, which was a mistake because he's working with her, and Rollins sends Emily away.

Later on in the episode, though, Emily finally sees Ali, and asks her (while she's sleeping) if she killed Charlotte. Ali wakes up and asks God for forgiveness, which is alarming to say the least. What is it that she wants to be forgiven for? We're definitely suppose to think it is Charlotte's death, but Ali loved Charlotte and wouldn't hurt her.

So, what is really happening? There's a chance that Elliot is keeping Ali in the hospital to lead her on to think that she has killed Charlotte. With enough therapy and bad medical care, you can probably get anyone to think they've done something they shouldn't have. Now, we just have to wait to see just how impressionable Ali is. Will the Liars help her realize she isn't guilty of anything, or is she really the one to blame for Charlotte's death?