Angela Confirms Her Relationship Status After '90 Day Fiance'

by Anna Rose Iovine

Angela and Michael from the 90 Day Fiancé spinoff Before the 90 Days met through social media, and they broke up because of it. On last Sunday's episode, Angela revealed to viewers that Michael hasn't been the most faithful. But have they reconciled since? Did Angela and Michael get back together after 90 Day Fiancé? She seemed pretty set on leaving him — and leaving Nigeria — alone.

Besides how bad their confrontation was on the show, I'm inclined to say that the couple has indeed stayed broken up. Angela has gotten into some legal trouble recently; usually this would have nothing to do with her relationship status, but she apparently made a point to mention it. Us Weekly reported that Angela was apparently arrested for a DUI in early September. On her booking report, she claimed to be single.

This aligns with both what went down on Before the 90 Days as well as Angela's Facebook account. On a photo of Angela and her daughter from July, Michael (whose name on Facebook is Kehinde Ilesanmi) commented, "Angel send me the pics pls" followed by two heart-eye emojis. Angela responded back, "Michael get off my [page]." That signals trouble in paradise right there. What's even more curious, though, is a more recent Facebook comment exchange from the two. In a photo of Angela from September 7 (when this season of 90 Day Fiancé was in full swing, and so were Angela and Michael's on-camera fights), Michael commented with a gif of a dog letting out a fart in the shape of a heart. Yes, really. Angela must've been as taken aback as I was because she commented, "Wat [sic] is that ??? A fart heart lmao."

"Wat is that," indeed.

From the last episode, though, this may actually be the end of their relationship. Angela brought up something that she kept not only from the show, but from her friends and family: Michael had cheated on her. Angela had a sense that something was up because he apparently follows "thousands" of women on social media (Facebook? Instagram?) but didn't have a photo of her on his phone. Angela lamented, "It upsets me that Michael follows thousands of women and looks at their photos, but he doesn’t want to see my photo when he opens up his damn phone."

But Michael's infidelity stretched beyond social media. A year ago, Michael apparently accepted oral sex from a woman in exchange for a car ride. He had told Angela about it and she previously let it go, but seeing as Michael follows thousands of other women, it began to bother her again. Michael confirmed that story, but in a talking head confessional said it was the only time cheating occurred.

Well, as Angela soon found out with a little more prying, Michael wasn't being truthful about this, either. "Something’s telling me you lied about that too," she said. "Here’s what I think: I think you went to a club, you drank a beer with your friends, you were horny and you was looking for a b*tch to f*ck. You seen one, you got a blow job, and you went home. And you didn’t want me to know you was hanging out trying to look for p*ssy, Michael."

To his credit, Michael said Angela was "absolutely right." Cue a tirade from Angela (one that is justified, in my opinion) where she said Michael made her look like a "f*cking fool." I don't know if the two can come back from that, but these Facebook comments are hinting they're maybe at least friends. Fans will have to keep watching this season to find out how their story ends.