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Do These Balloons Mean Beyonce Gave Birth?

Sometimes, the world is a beautiful thing. Yes, disasters, and atrocities still happen at an alarming rate, but there is something beautiful about stopping to appreciate the little things in life. Whether it be a squirrel with an especially fluffy tail, or baby with perfectly chubby cheeks, the world is full of little wonders. And luckily enough, the world is also full of observant internet users who have taken it upon themselves to determine things like: did Beyoncé give birth? Today, someone was smart enough to snap a picture of a woman entering a Los Angeles hospital, carrying two balloons exclaiming baby genders respectively.

According to E! News, "an unidentified woman was photographed Friday at a Los Angeles hospital, carrying a bouquet of pink, purple and blue flowers with two giant baby foot-shaped pink and blue balloons that read, "Baby Girl" and "Baby Boy." While this alone might not be enough to convince you that the Queen has, in fact, given birth, just wait until you hear the next bit of news. The card that came with the arrangement simply read, "B & J."

While there has been no official confirmation that Beyoncé has given birth, these past few weeks have been awash with theories, clues, and more as the world awaits the little ones' arrival.

Literally the moment after Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins, back in February, the internet has been abuzz with theories and guesses as to the future little ones' genders. And now, many are wondering if this balloon delivery is a sign that the couple had a fraternal set of twins, with one boy, and one girl.

Still not convinced that Bey has given birth to two more demigods? Well, Marie Claire reports that "There's been "heavy security" reported outside UCLA Medical and several members of Bey's family have been spotted visiting the hospital." Which means, either Beyoncé and Jay Z are now proud parents of three, or, the dynamic duo and their team is incredibly smart and using all of this as a distraction for what's actually happening.

So, what is actually happening? Well, we can't know for sure, but wouldn't it be pretty awesome if the balloons were a rouse and Bey and family will actually be somewhere entirely different to give birth? New York City, perhaps? Or maybe Beyoncé isn't even due for another few weeks, and this is all just a minor obsession?

Whatever the case, all we can hope for is happy, and healthy babies, and hopefully not too long of a wait for the birth announcement.