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Did Chad Poop His Pants On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Sure Looks Like It

by Caralynn Lippo

As soon as Chad Johnson (a.k.a., "Meat Chad") was confirmed as a cast member of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 following his star turn as the villain of JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, it was clear that some chaos would be hitting the beaches of Mexico. Sure enough, when "Hurricane Chad" blew onto the scene in the opening minutes of the premiere, it didn't take long for things to spiral out of control leading to a, um, crappy situation all around. But did Chad poop his pants on Bachelor in Paradise, literally? Sure looks like he did.

Let's back up a little bit and discuss the events leading up to the PPI (Possible Poop Incident). After initially appearing calm, docile, and even contrite in his first few hours in Paradise, things took a serious turn by that first night. Thanks to a lot of alcohol, an inebriated Chad quickly turned very belligerent and argumentative, calling Lace Morris an escalating assortment of horrible, bleeped-out names in between making out with her.

When Sarah Herron (a.k.a., our #1 hero this season) called Chad out on his offensive, sexist behavior and remarks, Chad turned on her quickly, insulting her for her physical disability. At that point, pretty much everybody in the group gave up on Chad, turning on him en masse and literally walking away from him.

After continuing to spiral out of control for the duration of the night – at one point stalking along on the beach, alone, growling – despite Canadian Daniel's vague attempts to run interference, Chad eventually wound up sprawled and drunkenly passed out on the ground outside. With a crab on his head. Really.

The next morning, and shortly before Chris Harrison arrived to kick Chad out of Paradise like a no-nonsense dad, Nick Viall was sent to check on Chad, peering at him over the bushes – and that's when sh*t (pun so very much intended) got real. Nick noticed that it looked (or smelled?) like Chad had drunkenly pooped in his pants while passed out. Then, the producers almost immediately cut to a now-awake Chad sniffing his shorts (seemingly to "check" on said poop smell), so it seems really likely that this actually happened.

Or, at the very least, Twitter definitely thinks that it really happened.

Oh, how the Mighty Chad has fallen.