People think Chrissy Teigen is expecting after her appearance in John Legend's new music video.
Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

Looks Like Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Might've Just Revealed Baby #3 Is On The Way

Looks like congrats are in order! After the premiere of John Legend's new song "Wild" on Thursday, everyone is likely asking themselves: Did Chrissy Teigen just reveal she's pregnant with the couple's third child? There are several clues that indicate the Cravings cookbook author has another bun in the oven.

In Legend's music video, Teigen, along with their two kids Luna and Miles, make an appearance while hanging out at the beach. And at the end, Teigen holds her stomach while cuddled in her husband's arms. The couple hasn't made an official statement announcing that Baby #3 is on the way just yet, but the video's ending certainly has fans thinking she very well might be.

What's more, Teigen posted a cute heart face emoji on Twitter shortly after the video premiered and retweeted a tweet that referenced "a beautiful surprise" at the end of the video. Unless you're surprised by Teigen and Legend's steamy kiss at the end, which I'm definitely not, then it seems highly likely that they're referring to a pregnancy.

Fans won't know for sure until Teigen and Legend stop hinting and actually confirm the speculation But until then, you can watch the video for yourself and see if there's a little one on the way.

Teigen has said that she wants more kids. Last year, Teigen told one Instagram follower that she was "gonna try to wait a few years before attempting again", according to Us Weekly, because her family is "exhausting." That October, she joked that she was good with two babies, but was posting a photo of Miles covered in paint, just in case she got pregnant with a third. "When I had zero babies I wanted 4," she tweeted. "Then 1, I wanted 3. Then 2, I'm good with 2. Just posting this to look at when I'm pregnant with my third."

Who knows, Teigen may have had a change of heart?