Did Chuck Schumer Mistake Kate McKinnon For Hillary Clinton? You Really Can't Blame Him

It's no secret that Kate McKinnon's impression of former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is pretty amazing, but there's a chance it could be too amazing. Did Chuck Schumer mistake Kate McKinnon for Hillary Clinton? Earlier this evening at the Jacob K Javits Center, the senator congratulated and thanked the Saturday Night Live star rather than Clinton herself. With some much needed comic relief at hand, Schumer tweeted out a photo of he and McKinnon at the Javits Center, seemingly enjoying the evening together.

McKinnon herself has provided plenty of comic relief during this year's election with her recurring role as Clinton on SNL. From the hilarious skit of McKinnon as Clinton and Clinton as Clinton that aired in October, to her uncanny ability to channel Clinton's calm and wide-eyed demeanor during the debates, there has been no shortage of hilarious and relevant McKinnon and Clinton moments throughout this political season. Though SNL isn't airing to make you laugh during this trying and stressful election, Schumer took the wheel and gave everyone something to chuckle at. Schumer won his fourth term in senate earlier this evening, with a 74 percent lead as the incumbent, according the The New York Times. Even if you're not a fan of Clinton herself, you can appreciate McKinnon's impression of the former Secretary of State.

If you're feeling particularly stressed out at this point in the election, now might be a good time to revisit McKinnon's work over the past season.

Watch the hilarious bar skit where Clinton herself shimmies up to the bar to serve McKinnon's Clinton as they chat about their 2016 election concerns. Watch as McKinnon gets in a little jab at Clinton for how quickly she announced her support for gay marriage.

Need more McKinnon to soothe your worried soul? Watch this cold open from the October 23 episode with Tom Hanks as debate moderator Chris Wallace and Alex Baldwin as Donald Trump.

And last but certainly not least, as the last SNL before Election Day, McKinnon and Baldwin took to the stage one last time to make audiences guffaw and weep with laughter with their cold open. Here's to hoping that's the only kind of weeping Clinton supporters have to endure tonight.