Rick Rowell/ABC

Corinne Makes A Trump Reference On 'The Bachelor'

It would be pretty difficult for Corinne to make herself look any worse this season as the Season 21 villain on The Bachelor. But she dropped a Make America Great Again reference during the cocktail party after the Backstreet Boys group date, which begs the question: did Corinne vote for Trump? We do have a few clues. For instance, Corinne does hail from Florida, a state Donald Trump just barely won in the 2016 election, with 48.6 percent of the vote. But Corinne is from Miami, which is a heavily blue county. Hillary Clinton won Miami-Dade County by a whopping 24-point margin over Donald Trump.

Corinne isn't particularly politically active on social media, so neither her Instagram nor her Twitter account hold any clues about her political leanings. But she is paying close enough attention to know how to make a MAGA joke. Her comment came after another deeply awkward and kind of forced one-on-one interaction with Nick in which she heavily led with her sexuality. Corinne dressed up in a trench coat with nothing underneath and gave Nick a playful show with some whipped cream during a cocktail party. It was definitely bold and a little uncomfortable-looking, but Nick maintained that he appreciates how confident and in touch with her sexuality Corinne is. Fair enough!

Corinne, however, got interrupted by one of the girls and wound up feeling super embarrassed with the execution of her sexy surprise. The next day, she got to go on the first group date of the week, which just so happened to be a private dance lesson with the Backstreet Boys, followed by performing as their backup dancers during a concert. Corinne is not a dancer and she spent another day feeling hideously insecure. Finally, she snatched Nick away at the cocktail party (again) and was able to check in with him regarding his feelings for her. After being reassured by him, she triumphantly announced to the camera during a cutaway interview, "I made Corinne great again!"

She was probably just feeling some frantic energy after getting to "fix" her earlier awkward moment and made an off-the-cuff joke out of excitement. It's not exactly an endorsement of Trump, and, truthfully, I would be surprised to learn that Corinne was politically motivated enough to vote at all. But there's definitely an element of "maybe," considering how cheerfully she rattled off the Trump-Pence campaign slogan. Plus, it would be a political alignment very fitting of a Bachelor villain.