Mitch Haaseth/ABC

DeLuca May Have Played A Role In Alex's Fate

After the midseason premiere of Grey's Anatomy, many fans were worried about the fate of Alex Karev. But it turns out there was no reason to worry after all. At the end of the last Thursday's episode, though, it was revealed that Alex was actually at home sleeping in Meredith's bed and definitely not in jail like many viewers assumed. So did DeLuca drop the charges against Alex on Grey's Anatomy? That seems to be the only explanation.

The winter finale left off with Alex heading to the district attorney's office to accept a plea deal so that he would go to jail for only two years instead of going to trial and risking getting more jail time. However, while waiting to meet with the DA, Alex listened to a voicemail from Meredith in which she begged him not to take the deal and to keep fighting. This left us all wondering about what he would decide to do. When the show returned, Dr. Bailey told Jo and Arizona that Alex had accepted the plea deal. Thankfully this turned out not to be true, and after spending the whole day searching various jails, Meredith was surprised to find him at home.

Someone who was also surprised during the latest episode was DeLuca. When Arizona returned home she confessed to him that she missed Alex, which DeLuca didn't understand.

DeLuca's confusion and the fact that Alex is obviously not in jail has led fans to believe DeLuca must've dropped the charges just as they hoped he would. Why else would DeLuca be perplexed by what Arizona said? He knew Alex was perfectly fine and there was no reason for her to miss him because he'd already went ahead and dropped the charges against him.

So what does this mean for Alex? Well, besides the fact that he's not going to jail now, he'll have to see if Bailey will allow him to return to work now. Just because DeLuca dropped the charges doesn't mean he's totally off the hook with the hospital yet. And Bailey's already in a bad mood because of the drama between Dr. Weber and Eliza Minnick. Alex may have to wait until that situation is handled before he can back into surgery.

Whatever happens next, though, at least fans now know Alex won't be heading off to prison. Hopefully, he's learned his lesson and never does something like this ever again — because next time he surely won't get off this easy.