People Are Torn Over Grover Possibly Saying The F-Word On 'Sesame Street'

Everything is up for debate these days, even children's TV shows like Sesame Street. On Twitter, people can't stop debating over a recent episode of the show, Sesame Street, where the character, Grover, reportedly said a curse word. After watching this one clip, parents are asking — did Grover really say the f-word? And people are seriously torn. A representative for the Sesame Workshop did not respond to Romper's request for comment at the time of publication.

A lot of interesting debates start on Reddit and this Sesame Street debate has been no exception to this. On Thursday, one Reddit user, Schrodert, took to the website to share a pretty "naughty" clip from a recent episode of Sesame Street (depending on who you ask). "May have just found the next 'Yanni or Laurel' soundbite thanks to my daughter's obsession with Elmo," the user wrote.

In the six second clip, Grover is enthusiastically talking to another muppet on Sesame Street. But his words are definitely debatable. Some people on Reddit (and on Twitter) believe that Grover is cursing in the clip — thinking that Grover says "Yes, that's a f—ing excellent idea." But, on the other hand, others believe that Grover is saying "Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea."

Listen to this clip so you can judge what Grover is saying, too — but just don't do it while the kids are around.

Until someone from the Sesame Workshop confirms or denies what Grover is saying in the clip, no one will know for sure. But it doesn't make sense why a channel would purposefully show a character cursing in a program geared towards children. Someone would have had to catch Grover cursing before the clip was able to make it on to TV, right?

It's just like when people were hearing "Yanny" or "Laurel" in a viral audio clip from this past May. Or people seeing the "black and blue dress" versus "gold and white dress" from 2015. It's just one of those things that no one can agree on because they can hear it (or see it) both ways.

Some Twitter users are convinced that Grover is swearing in the clip.

But others hear the completely clean (and appropriate) version.

And some people (like myself) can hear him say both upon listening to the clip multiple times.

This is enough to make any person stressed, especially since it aired on a beloved children's TV show. Hearing curse words does have an impact on kids. A 2011 study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University found that consistent exposure to swear words in media led kids to use more swear words themselves and become physically aggressive, as well, according to TIME. But hearing a curse word or two won't cause irreparable damage to young kids, according to Washington Post. At the ages of two or three, kids are learning to repeat the words they hear — and if they were to repeat the "f word," it's very likely they have no idea the meaning of what they're saying.

So, parents shouldn't worry about their kids accidentally hearing the "f-word" on Sesame Street, according to Washington Post. Although children can hear curse words through TV shows or movies, according to Washington Post, they are more exposed to "adult language" in their homes than anywhere else. And if children aren't exposed to profanity at all, they simply won't use it.

Parents should watch this clip to form their own opinions about Grover's language — but just wait until the kids have gone to bed, first.