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Did Hanna Kill Charlotte On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Her Confession Is All Part Of A Bigger Plan

by Allison Piwowarski

So, things are getting confusing up in Rosewood, as if they weren't confusing enough. Season 6B has been all about Charlotte's murder — Who did it? Why are they trying to pin it on the girls? Is Charlotte's killer different than the person stalking them? — but there's been little success in learning the identity of this person, despite a valiant effort on everyone's part. But, on "Did You Miss Me?" Hanna and Caleb (Haleb, for those of you who are fans) came up with a plan to draw A out of the woodwork. What's that genius plan, you ask? Hanna is going to confess to Charlotte's murder on Pretty Little Liars, because somehow she and Caleb think this could actually work.

Hanna's plan is as follows: march into the police station and tell the detective on the case that she killed Charlotte. Her story is that she saw Charlotte go into the church and begin to pray. Hanna followed her in and grabbed a candlestick and stabbed her. She then took her body to the belltower and threw her off. When she scrubbed the tape at the hotel, it was to protect her and not Aria.

At least, that's what Hanna wants to tell the police. Emily is against it, recognizing that it's an insane plan. If something doesn't go according to plan, Hanna just confessed to murdering Charlotte. Caleb and Hanna hope that this plan will act as a rat trap. They want it to draw out A. As Spencer says, Hanna has the plan and Caleb has the know how.

But will this plan actually work? Hanna sent the magic words out into the universe and by some binary code magic — I wasn't a math person, sorry about it — A got the message loud and clear. What we did learn is that A is somehow involved in the Hasting's campaign. If they're not, then they were keeping up on their local politics, because we saw that the person read their text message while a Hasting's campaign commercial ran on their computer screen.