Byron Cohen/Freeform

Did Jenna Kill Sara Harvey On 'Pretty Little Liars'? There's Another Possible Suspect

"Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead." That's how it goes on Pretty Little Liars and Sara Harvey is the latest victim of Rosewood's web of lies. Just when it looked like Sara was making the wise decision to leave Rosewood in a hurry, she couldn't even make it out of the door before someone killed her and left her in the bathtub to be found. Poor Sara. If only she'd stayed away and out of everyone's business she may have survived. The question now is did Jenna kill Sara Harvey on Pretty Little Liars or did she die at someone else's hands?

Although Jenna was acting totally sketchy with Sara when Emily snuck her way into Jenna's room, it's highly unlikely that Jenna killed Sara. Unless Jenna got her eyesight back again and was only pretending she didn't see Emily in her room, it would've been very difficult for Jenna to overpower Sara and kill her. Unlike Arya from Game of Thrones, Jenna probably hasn't been training to fight someone while blind. So if Jenna isn't the murderer the question remains, who killed Sara Harvey?

There's a lot of possible suspects but the number one seems to be Noel Kahn. He just happened to drop into Rosewood for Jenna and Sara's meeting at the Radley and then promptly disappeared again. Where did he go and was he the person Jenna didn't want Sara mentioning to Emily? It seems plausible, especially because the Liars still have no idea that Noel Kahn is back in town. Why keep him a secret unless he was doing something suspicious?

It would make sense for Jenna to have Noel kill Sara because Jenna was worried about Sara spilling the beans about something to Emily. Noel is definitely more Jenna's friend than he is Sara's. Sara still the outsider in Rosewood and if Jenna felt Sara needed to go it'd make sense that she asked Noel to do her dirty work for her, especially because no one else seems to even know Noel is in town.

There's also the possibility that A.D. killed Sara, but if that's the case one would have to ask why? Sara's been pretty irrelevant since the moment she showed back up in Rosewood. What would A.D. want with her? Honestly, at this point Sara could've been killed by anyone, and knowing Pretty Little Liars, it'll be a while before we find out the truth.