Luke Recognizes Kate At Their Wedding On 'Married At First Sight'

Married at First Sight airs every Tuesday on Lifetime, and its eighth season is still getting started. In "Married at Second Sight," however, things take an unexpected turn when Kate walks down the aisle to meet Luke. The bride and groom are supposed to be total strangers, but he recognizes her. So did Kate and Luke know each other before Married at First Sight?

This exclusive clip indicates that they did meet before, though they didn't exactly know each other. It doesn't appear to have been a particularly memorable meeting either, because Kate has no idea that it happened; Luke is the only one who recalls having crossed paths.

When the clip opens, 31-year-old civil engineer Luke watches his new bride arrive at their barn wedding on her relative's arm. He thinks about how beautiful she looks, but then realizes something else immediately: he recognizes her. He whispers to one of his groomsmen, "I think I know her," and gets a grin in response. "Oh my god, I've met this girl before," Luke says in a voiceover. But the circumstances of that meeting don't become clear in the clip, because Luke doesn't feel right pumping the breaks on the ceremony to announce his suspicions.

When Kate reaches Luke, she's blissfully ignorant of the realization that has him reeling. Instead, she's simply delighted to be attracted to her prospective husband. She's also impressed by his intent eye contact (the bridesmaids dig his steady gaze, too). But while Kate is reveling in optimism for the future of her marriage, Luke is still dealing with his revelation.

Luke tells Kate that she looks really nice, but shares his internal monologue via a confessional voiceover. "I don't think she recognized me," he says. "Very surprised, because we had met, like, three weeks ago." The marriage officiant begins the ceremony by stressing that they don't know each other at all in any way, shape, or form. Luke acquits himself well and doesn't let anything slip, so the wedding continues smoothly.

Luke explains that he didn't want to say anything with all their family and friends there. That would certainly put Kate on the spot. Finding out your surprise spouse is only a total stranger because you don't remember meeting them would make things just a touch awkward, I imagine.

The officiant shares messages from both sides of the aisle: Luke's family wants Kate to know how compassionate and adventurous he is; Kate's family wants Luke to know she isn't paralyzed by doubt and that she's a committed type. Then it's time for their vows. Kate offers a poem about taking a leap of faith while Luke shares his excitement about building a life together. The clip concludes on a hopeful hug.

It seems like Luke and Kate's previous meeting was casual at best, especially if she doesn't remember it. It's not a total surprising that two people who live in the same city might have run into each other before. And maybe it's a good sign. If their lives had already brought them into the same circles, it could mean they have enough in common to be well-suited to each other.

Plus, even if Luke did recognize Kate, it doesn't mean he knows her in the same way a husband will. This is a bump in the road, but it shouldn't upset the whole carriage.

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