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Landon & Thomas Face Scrutiny On 'Southern Charm'

The love triangle between Landon Clements, Thomas Ravenel, and Kathryn Calhoun Dennis has been brewing since Season 3 of Southern Charm. Landon and Thomas' randomly close friendship made Kathryn, Thomas' on-again/off-again partner, suspicious throughout the third season, and then in the finale she accused them of hooking up — which they stridently denied. In the Season 4 premiere, that question was back on viewers' minds when Thomas flat-out asked Landon to give a romance with him a shot. But did Landon and Thomas hook up on Southern Charm?

In the Season 4 premiere, Thomas took Landon for a walk where he admitted that he wanted a partner and then asked her to consider starting a relationship with him. However, before anyone could catch Landon's answer, the episode flashed back three months. Fans have yet to see exactly how things unfolded to get Thomas and Landon to that place. While all signs seem to point to something on the horizon between them (at least it's clear that Thomas is romantically interested in her), the details of that aren't really anyone's business. Two single adults can do what they like, even if the outcome might turn out to be pretty messy because of the relationship dynamics at play.

The Season 3 finale raised some questions about Landon and Thomas. Right around the time they were firmly denying their involvement, Shep Rose's date (who was also Landon's friend) wondered aloud if Landon was going to admit to sleeping with Thomas — which definitely got the rumor mill churning. But in the Season 4 premiere, Landon made a fair point about her relationship with Thomas. Missing their friendship and fed up with the fact that everyone was clearly talking about them, she asked, "Even if I had done something, what's the big deal? [Thomas and Kathryn are] not together."

That was true, but it wouldn't be quite that easy. There is no real issue with her and Thomas being together if that's what they decide to do, but the situation is still a complicated one. Thomas is having custody issues with Kathryn over their two children, and she recently returned from rehab. Landon, meanwhile, is casually dating and might have residual feelings for Shep, whom she said she loved last season. Thomas might be ready to try a relationship, but it's not clear if Landon is.

Whether or not Landon and Thomas hooked up, it's shaping up to be an eventful season of Southern Charm.