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People Are Kinda, Sorta Convinced Meghan Markle Has Already Given Birth

Baby Sussex could arrive any day now. People across the globe have been anticipating the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's baby for months, and are ready to meet the little boy or girl. But there some who think this already happened. So, did Meghan Markle give birth already? According to some royal fans, there are a few clues that suggest Baby Sussex could be here.

In January, Markle confirmed during an official royal appearance that she was due toward the end of April and beginning of May, according to Marie Claire. But any seasoned mother knows that due dates are not perfect or an exact confirmation about a baby's arrival. As such, it's very possible that Markle could have already given birth, especially since there is about one week (and a few days) left in the month of April.

Unlike when Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their children, Markle and Prince Harry's child will be welcomed in a way that is just a little more low key, according to People. The couple announced last week that they wouldn't be doing a public photo opportunity immediately after their child arrived, and would announce their baby's birth on their own time, likely a few days afterwards.

With all that said, it's possible for Markle to already have given birth, but of course we don't know for sure. Still, here are the three clues that suggest Baby Sussex has made a debut.

Her Maternity Leave

Markle made her last official royal engagement a little more than a month ago on March 14, according to Town & Country. Without her having to get dressed up and make these appearances, who knows what Markle has been up to.

She could very well have given birth at some point since she made that last royal engagement — especially since she hasn't been spotted by anyone in the public since then. No one would really be able to know.

Their Latest Instagram Post

Earlier this week, the couple posted a photo of them to their Instagram account (which is what every one of their followers wants to see, of course). In the caption, they talked about their fans for donating money to four select charities of their choice in honor of their baby's arrival — and signed off their message in a very suspicious way.

"And on behalf of The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (and Baby Sussex), we thank you so much," they wrote.

Note what's so important? They didn't say "and soon-to-be Baby Sussex" they wrote "and Baby Sussex" as in "and Baby Sussex who is already here." This is a key sign that has led many fans to believe that they've already had Baby Sussex, according to Cosmopolitan.

Their Open Schedules

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Everyone is aware that Markle is on maternity leave — which is an indication that she is taking time off to give birth (if she hasn't already) and raise her child. But Prince Harry's schedule is now an indication that they could have welcomed their child.

Prince Harry has reportedly been attending less royal engagements since his wife went on maternity leave, according to The Sun — and he has no future engagements planned for the next four months. It's very possible that Markle has given birth and he's been slowly cutting down the amount of work that he has because of that.

While it is so much fun to speculate about Baby Sussex's arrival, let's all have faith that Prince Harry and Markle will announce their child's arrival when they're ready.