Michael May Not Make It To The U.S. On 'Before The 90 Days'

The point of 90 Day Fiancé is, at the heart of it, to watch international couples find love — and try for the K-1 visa they need to stay in the states. So, did Michael move to the U.S. after 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days? He and Angela may no longer be together.

There's no indication on the show that Michael made the move, but there's also no indication that they broke up — as of yet, anyway. In the latest episode, Michael introduced Angela to his mother. It went surprisingly well, except for the part where Angela made Michael kiss her in order to get a snail (that Michael's mother prepared) from her mouth to his. Now, if my significant other asked me to do that, that might've been a dealbreaker. But Michael did it, and his mother said that besides the food issue, she actually liked Angela.

Despite the good mom meet-up, though, there was some undeniable tension between the two during this episode. For one thing, Angela was upset that Michael didn't have any photos of her on her phone. His friends assured her that it was because Nigerian officials wouldn't like that he had a photo of a white woman on his phone (which is the reason he gave), but Angela was still peeved by it. What really set her off, though, was a fitting for a traditional Nigerian outfit. Angela was uncomfortable because it seemed there was no dress that would fit her.

When Angela told Michael she felt shy because she is "a bit bigger," Michael translated that as: "It looks embarrassing to her because she’s fat." Oof. Angela was furious at Michael for that comment — and I would be, too — and stormed off. Despite the fight, though, they were still together by the end of the episode.

But will Michael end up in the states with Angela? Looking on social media leads to some interesting comments. The two met on Facebook (Michael messaged Angela), so I looked there to see if there are any updates. In July, Michael commented on one of Angela's photos (his name on Facebook is Kehinde Ilesanmi), but her reply wasn't too friendly. Michael asked her to send her photos but Angela commented back, "Michael get off my [page]." On another photo of Angela from late June, Michael commented "Haha lovely" with some kissy emojis. Angela replied, "Haha nothing."

Could this signify that their relationship is no more? Maybe they're broken up. Maybe it's teasing. I do wonder if Michael made it to America, especially considering how much he apparently loves the current president. Angela brought him MAGA gear to deck him out in, and Michael loved it; he considers Trump a good business man and seems to look up to him (that would be a dealbreaker for me above anything else, but Angela is into it). He also wants to become an entrepreneur. He said, "I love America so much. I wish to be there to achieve my dreams."

Fans aren't sure if that dream will become a reality, though. From the Season 2 Before the 90 Days promo, that "fat" comment isn't the only fight these two will be having. Angela will want the whole thing to be shut down, and her desire to propose to Michael will be questioned. Judging from social media and the current episodes aired, I don't think these two will make it to the proposal. But what do I know? Fans will have to watch the rest of this season to see if Michael will achieve his dream of making it to America.