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Michaela Could Be A Suspect On 'HTGAWM'

The search for Wes' murderer continues. While the DA would love to just pin the murder on Annalise, How to Get Away With Murder fans know there has to be more to the story. Pretty much everyone's a suspect at the moment and while the latest episode hinted that Nate may be guilty, fans know to take that with a grain of salt. It's almost always the people that no one suspects who are guilty, and right now the one person no one's really looking at it is Michaela. So did Michaela kill Wes on How to Get Away with Murder? This seems very unlikely and here's why.

Michaela's only possible motive for killing Wes was that he was thinking about ratting out Annalise to the police because they told him Rebecca's body was found. However, Michaela had no idea any of this was happening because she was too busy celebrating the end of the semester and dealing with her mother who came for a surprise visit. Along the same lines, when would Michaela have had the time to kill Wes? She was at home dealing with her mother the whole night, at least as far as fans know. Plus, once she got the call that someone was dead she was totally stressed that it was maybe Asher. If she actually killed Wes, why would she be so worried about Asher's well being?

However, for argument's sake, I'll play devil's advocate. It's most likely that whoever killed Wes hasn't killed anyone yet because it seems every season there's a new killer. Michaela definitely falls into that category. Also, even though she didn't know Wes was talking to detectives, he had talked about telling the cops the truth before, which is when Connor threatened him. It's possible Michaela wanted a break from her mother that night and somehow ended up talking to Wes. The two may have met up and something happened that led to Wes' death.

Still, that seems like a bit of a stretch. Michaela just doesn't seem like the type to get her hands dirty that way. She's more like Annalise in that she's calculating and little manipulative. Michaela doesn't have to kill people to get what she wants and while she and Wes were never besties, I believe she cared about him enough not to kill him.

Unfortunately, fans will probably have to wait until the season finale to find out the truth about who really killed Wes. Until then, I'm sure they'll think of even more theories and possibilities and somehow they'll still all be wrong. But hey, that's why we love this show, right?