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Rafael Is Looking Guilty On 'Jane The Virgin'

Though the police ruled Scott's death an accident, Jane the Virgin fans know there's got to be more to the story and they were proven right by the end of the latest episode. Rafael and his friend from prison, Elvis, were a bit too happy about the fact that Scott's death was ruled an accident. So did Rafael kill Scott on Jane the Virgin? If he didn't kill him he certainly seems to know his real cause of death.

After Scott's corpse was found at the end of "Chapter Fifty-Five" fans immediately suspected Petra. Let's face it, she was the most likely suspect. She obviously didn't like Scott and he was blackmailing her. Plus, when Rafael asked, "Whatever happened to that guy?" she seemed more than just a little suspicious.

However, it turns out the only thing Petra was guilty of was moving the body a little bit over so that it was on The Fairwick's property instead of The Marbella. If you've forgotten, because I certainly have, The Fairwick is her kind-of boyfriend's hotel. The point is, Petra didn't kill Scott, she just didn't want his death to bring bad publicity to The Marbella... again.

No instead it was Rafael who now looks very guilty. At the end of the episode he's seen talking to Elvis outside of the Marbella and it's a very suspicious conversation.

"It would've been bad for us if they'd ruled it a murder," Elvis said to Rafael. "I know," Rafael replied. In the words of the narrator, "What the hell are you up to Rafael?"

While it's clear the show is trying to make fans think Rafael is guilty, murder just seems way out of Rafael's character. Plus, he just got out of prison a year ago, so I doubt he's trying to go back so soon.

Even so, as much I'd like to believe Rafael's innocent, the fact that he got Elvis Scott's old job at The Marbella does seem to be telling. That's not to say he killed Scott just to get his friend a job (Elvis failed to keep that job long anyway and has now been demoted to maintenance). But it is possible Rafael brought in Elvis to help him kill Scott.

Honestly, it's still too early to hedge my bets, but if I'm going with my gut, there's no way Rafael did this. Murder just isn't his style.