Disney Codeillusion Makes Learning To Code Like A Magical Adventure For Kids

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For kids, learning how to code usually isn't about practicality or long term career goals, it's about the fun and creativity coding can bring. That joyful enthusiasm is what Disney Codeillusion is all about. It teaches kids how to code, but in a way that's centered around fun, magic, and their favorite characters and movies. (And if those skills happen to help them got a job down the road, all the better.)

The educational game uses scenes from classic Disney movies to teach HTML, CSS, Processing, and JavaScript coding. Through these lessons, kids will be able to animate characters like Elsa, Aladdin, and Mickey and have them play games and adventures they develop themselves. Users will learn all about web design and Media Art through the program, too.

You can set your kid up with the Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Package or Disney Codeillusion Prime, depending on what works for your family. With the Enchanted Package, kids get access to online and offline tools which complement each other and enhance the overall experience. This package comes with a "Magic Book" the includes extra activities, mysteries, and adventures that can't be found online. The Prime setup gives users access to all of the online activities, but doesn't include the magic book.

The Disney Codeillusion Enchanted Package retails for $899 and Prime is priced at $499. But if you're thinking about making this a holiday present, you can get a serious discount on either package on Black Friday and throughout Cyber Week this year. Between Nov. 27 and Dec. 5 the Enchanted Package will be 60% off, bringing the total down to $359, and Prime will be $249 at 50% off.

Parents of little ones may be tempted to use their kid's love of Disney to get them interested in coding, but you'll need to wait a little longer to introduce them to this game. Disney Codeillusion is best for kids 8 years old and up who are familiar with computers and will enjoy self-paced learning (parents should be prepared to provide a little help to 8 and 9 year olds).

You can try out Disney Codeillusion with a free 7 day trial or purchase a package now through their website (but don't forget about the incredible Black Friday and Cyber Week deals!).

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