Disney Revealed How To Make Its Famous Churro Bites At Home While Parks Are Closed

by Casey Suglia

Even though Disney World and Disneyland are currently closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you can still experience some delicious Disney magic at home. This week, Disney revealed its churro bites recipe online so you can create a park experience right in your kitchen. So throw on your trusty mouse ears, bust out the sugar, and get cooking.

While we all wait for Disney parks to eventually reopen, you can try making Disney's famous churro bites at home. "While our parks are temporarily closed, you can still enjoy a delicious Disney churro — because you can make them yourself at home! This recipe is inspired by the delicious snack that can be found at all of our parks across the globe," Disney Parks wrote in a recent blog post, which added that the recipe serves four people.

And good news: you likely already have all of the ingredients you'll need somewhere in your pantry and cupboard. The recipe for Disney's churro bites calls for water, butter, salt, ground cinnamon, flour, eggs, vegetable oil, and sugar. The full printable recipe can be found here, or you can watch this instructional video below.

Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger told Barron's on Tuesday that he is looking forward to parks reopening following closures due to current health concerns, though it's not known when that will happen jus yet. "But we know when it ends that we will have things for the public to enjoy and to escape to, maybe in ways that they will appreciate more than they ever have," he said.

But until Disneyland and Disney World open their doors again, try making churros and other Disney recipes, like plant-based cookie fries that can be found at the Beaches & Cream Soda Shop at Disney's Beach Club Resort. Or make a batch of chocolate chip cookies from Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa.

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