Remember The Grey Stuff From 'Beauty & The Beast'? Disney Revealed How To Make It!

Of course it's a bummer that Walt Disney World and Disneyland are closed until further notice, but you can still experience some of that theme park magic at home. In fact, Disney has revealed how to make the grey stuff from Beauty and the Beast and, honestly, it looks amazing.

As you may remember, in the memorable Beauty and the Beast number "Be Our Guest," Lumieré and his friends do their best to make Belle feel at home in the Beast's castle, insisting that she "try the grey stuff, it's delicious." And thanks to Disney's recipe shared on the Disney Parks Blog, the "grey stuff" dessert, which can be found at Disneyland and in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, can easily be recreated at home. And best of all, you likely already have many of the ingredients tucked away in your pantry.

To make "at-home grey stuff," you'll need a package of instant vanilla pudding and some whole milk to make the base. Once the pudding is set, crushed up chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos), whipped topping, and instant chocolate pudding mix are added into the base to give it that very appetizing grey hue. After all of the ingredients are combined, it goes into the refrigerator for an hour to chill.

Once it's done chilling, the grey stuff can be served on top of cookies with some decorative sprinkles (like they do at the Disney parks) or be eaten out of the bowl with a spoon because it's just that good.

You can find the full recipe and ingredient list on the Disney Parks Blog.

You might not be trapped in a remote French castle like Belle or vacationing at Disney World right now, but you can still make staying home a little more exciting with some tasty grey stuff. And hey, make a night of it by watching the original animated 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast on Disney+.