Disney Voluntarily Recalls 'Toy Story 4' Forky Plush Toy Due To Choking Hazard

Disney's Toy Story 4 has inspired a ton of cute merchandise, including a line of plushes modeled after the film's main characters. And given the popularity of these items, some parents might be eager to learn more about Disney's voluntary recall of it's Forky plush toy, a product modeled after the film's adorable spork. As the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) noted, the plush was recalled due to a potential choking hazard.

Disney, the company behind the film franchise about the secret life of the playthings our kids take for granted, voluntarily pulled its Forky plush toy from its shelves on Monday due to a potential choking hazard concerning the product's "googly" plastic eyes which can possibly detach, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Disney and the Disney Store did not immediately respond to Romper’s requests for comment regarding the recall.

As Yahoo! News noted, the the 11-inch Forky plush toy includes posable arms and plastic rolling eyes that include three components: "a white plastic base, a clear plastic dome, and a black plastic disc inside the dome, which represents the character's pupil."

According to the CPSC, parents should remove this toy from their child's possession and return it to any Disney Store retail location, Walt Disney World, or Disneyland Resort retail branch for a full refund. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported as of Monday, the CPSC noted.

To find out if you are in possession of the recalled toy, check its tags for the following tracking numbers:

  • FAC-024868-18338
  • FAC-024868-19032
  • FAC-024868-19060
  • FAC-024868-19091

It's also important to note that the plush was sold at "Disney Stores nationwide, Disney Theme Parks, online at ShopDisney.com and through the Disney store on Amazon Marketplace from April 2019 through June 2019 for about $20," according to Yahoo Finance. Around 80,000 of the Forky toys were sold in the U.S., with an additional batch of 650 distributed in Canada, according to Market Watch.

Although this recall can be scary, the CPSC shared in 2013 that toy safety has greatly improved over time, especially with a global tracking system in place. In 2008, for example, 172 toys were recalled (19 because of lead), but By 2013, only 31 toys were recalled, and none of those cases were related to lead concerns, the organization noted.

It's unclear at this time how many plushes have been sold, but I have a feeling its a popular item as kids seem to love Forky (voiced by Tony Hale), a new character around which the plot of the Toy Story 4 revolves. In case you didn't know already, the talking spork was fashioned out of craft items by Bonnie (voiced by Emily Hahn), the current owner of Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks) and his gang of toys. Unfortunately, the little spork doesn't at first understand what it means to be a toy rather than a utensil, and the gang must do its best with the situation to keep Bonnie from heartbreak, according to Digital Spy.

Hopefully, the hazard involving the Forky plush toy will be resolved ASAP. And if you have any lingering concerns about the item, don't hesitate to reach out to Disney or the CPSC.