These Cute Disney Plushies Keep The Disney Park Experience Going

Three kids later, you get burned out on almost all toys. Seriously, show me the most beautiful, handcrafted plaything ever (sure to delight and surprise a child) and I'm already mentally Marie Kondi-ing its ability to spark any joy amongst this clutter. So when I say that these Magic Kingdom-inspired creations are pretty darn cute (maybe even adorable enough to considering adding to this house's overflowing stash )you know I mean business. Disney Wishables plushies keep the Disney Park experience going for fans, so you might find that you need one or two.

As People reported, the new line of micro-sized stuffed animals are inspired by the attractions, sights, and sounds of the Disney Park experience, whether its the Disneyland Resort in California or the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

The magazine added that the characters in the collection range from Mickey and Minnie Mouse to the sea creatures in the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage and the seafaring ne'er-do-wells that are part of Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. There's also an ice cream cone and popsicle plushie in this new group... because to your kids, that sugary snack may just be the most memorable part of the day!

And knowing my youngest loves to carry things in her pockets, the size of these little cuties makes them perfect to keep with you all day as a way to keep the magic of the theme park alive and well.

According to unofficial site Walt Disney World News Today, the new Wishables collection launched April 10; People noted it's a limited-edition thing so if you're planning a trip to the Magic Kingdom, or just want to bring back the memories of your last family outing there, you can purchase these cuties online before they go away.

And while some of the figurines are available as a single item —including Stitch, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Cone, Nemo, and — maybe the cutest one — the plushie based on that Pirates of the Caribbean doggie with the keys in his mouth — some of the Wishables are come in a blind "grab" bag, according to Attractions magazine. Meaning you have no idea which character you’re getting at the time of purchase, though you do know the collection it's coming from.

And while the "grab bag" approach certainly keeps some of the suspense going, it doesn't hurt that at $9.99 a pop, you can always keep or give away one in search of another of these little guys.

I don't know why kid (and adult) fans of the Disney experience like so many miniatures, but I have a feeling these will be popular due to their portability.

The size also makes it easy to post and snap these cuties on your social media, with unofficial site All Ears noting the cuties have their own hashtag, #DisneyParksWishables.

And hey, looking at the collection online, even the food-inspired items have a knowing wink. So you can add "sass" to the "cuteness" for this Disney collection... Get it while the getting is good!