Disneyland’s California Adventure Went All Out For Halloween & The Pics Are Amazing

by Kenza Moller

This year, for the first time ever, Disney's California Adventure Park got the Halloween treatment — and the resulting pictures will make you want to road trip your family over to California Adventure ASAP for some Halloween fun. From the very entrance of the park down to the tiniest detail put into its spooky treats, it's clear that Disney is taking Halloween pretty seriously this year — and the Halloween fun will be going on all the way until Oct. 31.

According to Disney's Halloween Time announcement, visitors can expect a massive Oogie Boogie silhouette to welcome them in from above the main entrance, then wander into California Adventure Park to meet the new headless horseman statue and check out clusters of bats surrounding Carthay Circle's Bell Tower. Radiator Springs, Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters, and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree have all been transformed by the park's Halloween theme, as well.

The neighboring Disneyland Park will also be serving up some Halloween fun, so if you have enough time to go between the two, it's worth checking out Disneyland's Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, and Mickey's Halloween Party.

But we all know what you came here for: pictures of California Adventure Park turned into a Halloween wonderland. Don't worry, plenty of Disney-goers have already captured some of the magic and shared it on social media, so you can take a peek at the spooky transformation below:

Meet Oogie Boogie At The Entrance At Night

This classic Nightmare Before Christmas character, imagined up by Tim Burton, sits atop the entrance to Disney California Adventure to welcome people in.

... Or Check Him Out During The Day

Not only does he light up at night, but — as you can hear for yourself in the tweet above — Oogie Boogie talks to guests during the day, inviting them in for a "frightfully good time."

... & Don't Forget To Look Back

Once you're through the gates, the backside of Oogie Boogie becomes a giant full moon that peeks through the trees.

The Cars In Cars Land Are All Costumed Up

The Cars cars are all decked out in their Halloween garb — including one very charming vampire, a firetruck converted into a clown, a pirate, and a superhero.

Even Donald Duck Is Getting Devilish

Those dance moves, though, could probably use a bit more of a fear factor to them.

Vampire Mickey Is Also A Thing

I have to say, though, that he's also got a bit of a dapper vibe going on with that vest. And that hat just screams "Mario," doesn't it?

... & Goofy Has Become The Spirit Of Halloween

Halloween-themed, yes, but not spooky enough to scare off any young kids — so feel free to approach for an Instagram-worthy photo op.

Meet The Headless Horseman Statue

This headless horseman statue on Buena Vista Street, who holds his jack-o'-lantern head in his hand, might actually scare some younger kids.

Enjoy Some Spooky Treats

I mean, half the reason people go on these trips is so that they can eat delightful food, right? During Halloween Time, Disney's California Adventure Park is serving up all sorts of spooky delights, including a mummy macaron ice cream sandwich, a caramel apple smoothie, ghostly pepper nachos (yum), and dragon breath tacos. This is definitely not the time to hold back.

Even Just Strolling Around At Night Is Gorgeous

All of the lit-up decorations might be Halloween-themed, but they've still got that touch of beautiful Disney magic to them.

Disneyland's Halloween Time runs until Oct. 31, so make sure you go check out the "frightfully good time" — as Oogie Boogie would put it — before the fun's over. You can book Disney California Adventure Park tickets online.

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