Disney's Line Of Adaptive Costumes Feature Tube Access & Wheelchair Covers

by Cat Bowen

All children deserve to feel magical and special on Halloween, but that's not always the case. For children with mobility differences, many costumes are simply impossible to put on or remove with ease, and there are few things more frustrating to a child than wanting to be Spider-Man, but feeling like they aren't. Thankfully, Disney's new line of adaptive costumes, complete with wheelchair covers, addresses this very real need in the market.

Children with mobility issues often have a hard time getting into traditional Halloween costumes — and everyday clothing for that matter — and therefore they are either forced to cobble something together on their own, or make alterations to existing costumes. As any parent knows, getting any child ready for trick-or-treating is hard enough, but add in the weight of needing to shift the entire plan? It can seem impossible. Disney is changing the game by offering three different costumes: The Incredibles, Buzz Lightyear, and Cinderella, all with easy-open backs, for a relatively affordable $50. (And the same cost as many of their non-adaptive costumes.) They are also selling an Incredimobile wheel chair cover set and Cinderella's carriage wheelchair cover, each for $50.

These designs allow parents to chill out just a little bit, while giving kids with different needs the ability to have the same costumes as everyone else, if only easier to take on and off.



This is the classic superhero look, and I love that it's not only adaptive — it's gender neutral. Every character in this series is fun for different reasons, and the hope and spirit of the characters really resonates with kids and parents alike. This particular one even features a flap in the front for tube access. It's also available in non-adaptive and adult sizes, making it the perfect family costume.



How adorable is this Cinderella costume? I just want to follow around this little Cinderella dressed up as the Fairy Godmother, bibbidy bobbidy booing all over the place. It's the pure essence of princess sweetness, and I'm so glad that every kid gets the chance to enjoy feeling like Disney royalty. This one also comes with tube access, and the skirt is made to work with a wheelchair.


Buzz Lightyear

For a solid three years, my baby cousin started every conversation with "To infinity, and beyond!" And I know he's not the only one. This Buzz Lightyear costume is obviously going to be a favorite. Team up with Woody and Bo Peep, or even Forky, and you've got yourself a family set. This one opens in the back to help with wheelchair access, and also has the tube flap on the front.


Cinderella's Coach

This is roughly five thousand times better than any pumpkin, and I am here for it. How else would Cinderella get to the ball, if not in her beautiful crystal carriage? And judging by the specs of this cover, it's not going to take any Fairy Godmother magic to put the dang thing together.