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Disney's Baby Halloween Costumes Are Going To Make Oct. 31 The Happiest Day On Earth

Your baby has absolutely no idea what Halloween is all about, but that's no reason to avoid going all out... right? Even if they aren't old enough to say "Trick or treat!" or eat the candy themselves, they still need an adorable Halloween costume for the photo ops. Plus, a good mom is always willing to help her little one eat the candy they can't. If you're looking for a perfect, precious Halloween costume for your little one, you're in for a treat. Disney's baby Halloween costumes are seriously amazing, and sure to make this Oct. 31 The Happiest Halloween On Earth.

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And now, for your viewing pleasure, a few of my favorites from Disney's Halloween collection.


Snow White

Snow White is a Disney classic, and so is her beautiful princess dress. This costume comes with the sweet little dress and red hair bow, and for an extra $6 you can customize the dress and get your baby's name printed on it! Note that the shoes pictured are sold separately (for $10).



The perfect Halloween costume for your incredible baby! This costume comes with the body suit and face mask (although the jury's out if your baby will actually let you, you know, put the mask on their face). The Disney Store also sells Mr. Incredible, Elasti-girl, Violet, and Dash costumes so you can all match!



I'm partial to this costume because Dumbo was always my favorite Disney movie — I'd take a flying elephant over a princess any day! This costume comes with the body suit and the head piece, so you'll need to supply the leggings.


Captain America

Move over, Chris Evans, this is officially the cutest Captain America I've ever seen. This Marvel superhero costume comes with the bodysuit and little cap, but the shoes are sold separately for $10.



"Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" Personally, I think this little Rapunzel outfit would be the cutest on a totally bald baby.... that's funny, right? This costume comes with the body suit and flower crown, and the shoes are sold separately for $10. It's the sweetest costume, no matter how much (or how little) hair your babe has!



How cute is this? Whether you're a Star Wars fanatic or not, you've got to find this oversized, fuzzy costume absolutely adorable. It comes with the bodysuit and head piece, and it looks like it'll feel like one big, warm hug.



Any other The Nightmare Before Christmas fans? This spooky little Sally costume is perfect for your baby. This costume comes with a patchwork dress just like in the film, plus the matching hat. The shoes are sold separately for $10. FYI, there is also a Jack Skellington costume for sale!


Donald Duck

Looking for a way to show off some perfect, chubby little legs? Look no further. This costume comes with a little bodysuit and headpiece, and the little duck feet shoes are sold separately for $10. And I'd definitely spring for the shoes — they make the outfit!


Minnie Mouse

I feel like the majority of women have been dressed up as Minnie Mouse at least once in their lifetime — it's basically a rite of passage. This sweet little Minnie costume comes with the red polka dot party dress and elastic headband with mouse ears and bow. The matching shoes are sold separately for $10.



Literally no one can handle the cuteness of a baby Stitch, you guys. Just look at it! You get the bodysuit and hat for this price, but for an additional $10, you can pick up the Stitch shoes, too.


Captain Hook

Leave it to a baby to make one of the most feared Disney villains look absolutely adorable. For your little one to be Captain Hook and terrorize Neverland, they'll need this costume that includes the pants, top, hat, fabric collar ruffle, and hook. Luckily for you (and everyone else), the hook is made of soft foam, so no worries about anyone losing an eye from Captain Hook in the stroller.



You guys, my heart hurts looking at this. How perfect for your bouncy baby, right? Like the other sets, the $25 gets you the bodysuit and hat, but you can spring (get it?) for the Tigger shoes, too.



The Aristocats just doesn't get enough love, but the movie is a classic. Dress your baby as Marie, the one who's "not a lady, you're nothing but a sister," according to her mischievous cat brothers, and you'll be all set. I mean, everybody wants to be a cat, right? This outfit includes the bodysuit and hat, too.


Mike Wazowski

Bonus points if you want to dress up as Roz or have a sibling dress up as Sully. (Actually, you could be Sully, too.) This Mike Wazowski costume is basically cuter than Boo, which is saying a lot. For the price, the costume includes the bodysuit, the booties, the hat, and the foam overlay to turn your little one into the funniest monster at Monsters, Inc. Ugh, so cute.



OK, there is nothing cuter (or funnier) than a chubby baby with a fake six pack. Hopefully your own little Hulk won't get angry and start smashing things... but if they do, at least they'll look precious doing it. This costume comes with the body suit, gloves, mask, and headpiece.