The Disney Store Has 25% Off Back-To-School Essentials, So It's Time To Stock Up

Let's face it, getting everything your kids need for back to school is not only a pain, it's expensive. Between the clothing, the gear, and the supplies, things add up quickly. When your child inevitably demands the perfect Elsa and Anna backpack or Black Panther lunch box, it can feel like your bank account is draining faster than your patience. Fortunately, for a limited time, Disney's back-to-school sale is here, and everything on your list is up to 25 percent off.

25 percent is a huge discount when you consider the fact that some of these backpacks can run north of $75 or more. On top of that, they're also offering this discount on Disney-themed school supplies, lunch boxes, thermoses, some clothing, and also college essentials like Nightmare Before Christmas lounge pants. To be honest, I want a pair for myself.

This is also the perfect time to stock up on sale items for your Christmas shopping. Items like this Disney, Sleep, Repeat pillow would be a fantastic gift for the Disney lover in your family, regardless of their age. If you're thinking of taking a trip to one of Disney's theme parks, you're going to want to take advantage of their sales on luggage. Having your kids' stuff packed and ready to go in this Mickey Mouse luggage set by American Tourister is the perfect way to surprise your little ones before they hop on a flight to Disney. It's also a subtle print, so if they want to take it with them to college eventually, they can.

Growing up in the first generation of kids able to go to the Disney store, I keenly remember the first items my mom bought for me in that magical place. One was my Winnie the Pooh flannel shirt that I would wear as a dress, with the arms rolled up several times for years before I grew into it. I would eventually wear that shirt until there were holes in the sleeves, and the hem had come undone.

On another occasion, my dad, after a particularly gruesome week as a family, took us to the mall after a late evening dinner at the local diner and bought the VHS copy of Aladdin. I eagerly opened the glossy shrink wrap in the back of his silver Chrysler Fifth Avenue, ready to peruse the coupons and product cards that awaited me inside the case. All these years later, that VHS case is now serving as the model for Disney's latest style of personal journal, and I'm buying one for all of my millennial friends this holiday season.

When I went back to school that year, it was with a plethora of Disney-themed shirts, and thankfully, our kids can do the same, and at a discount. Because most tees are buy one get one 50 percent off.

Disney's back-to-school sale is here and that means that not only are there some fabulous discounts happening, there is also free shipping on orders of $75 or more by using the code SHIPMAGIC. Because, what else would their shipping coupon code be?

Disney store products are great quality in my opinion. When my daughter was in preschool, she was obsessed with her Stormtrooper high top sneakers that she picked out while back-to-school shopping, and she wore them until her toes barely fit into the shoes anymore. They were white patent leather, and looked great from the first day to the the last day that she wore them. Trust me, you need to get on this sale.