Disney's Bedtime Hotline is back to help parents add some magic to children's nighttime rituals.

Mickey, Goofy & More Can Say Goodnight To Your Kids Through Disney's Bedtime Hotline

by Morgan Brinlee

If putting your children to bed lately has been a bit more difficult, Disney is here to help. In fact, Disney's Bedtime Hotline is back to help parents add a bit of magic to nighttime rituals with free messages from beloved Disney characters. The hotline's return isn't permanent, however, meaning parents shouldn't wait to add this special call into their child's bedtime routine.

ShopDisney.com announced the return of its much-loved Disney Bedtime Hotline late last week, telling fans it hoped to bring "a little pixie dust" to families while Disney parks remain closed due to social distancing guidelines. The toll-free hotline connects Disney fans of all ages to a special message from one of five characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, or Goofy.

While each call allows the caller to select just one character, callers are not limited as to how many times they dial in to the hotline. Parents can call the hotline at 1-877-7-MICKEY once, twice, or five times a night as they're putting their little ones to bed. It's worth noting, however, that, if calling from a mobile phone, standard mobile charges may apply. Additionally, the hotline is only available to those calling from within the United States.

But interested families should call sooner rather than later as Disney's Bedtime Hotline won't be around for long. According to Allison Citino, who serves as director of communications at The Walt Disney Company, the hotline will only be available until midnight PST on April 30.

ShopDisney.com has also made resources aimed at turning bedtime, which can often be a struggle for parents, into "family fun time," free to download. Parents can print a sleep progress chart as well as Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship activity cards from the Disney Bedtime Adventure Box and then help their child select one card from each of the game's categories — Bath Time, Get into PJs, Brush Teeth, Bedtime, and Storytime — and complete the cards' corresponding activity.

If spaceships and space travel don't interest your child, ShopDisney.com has also made a sleep progress chart available alongside free printable Minnie Bow-Bot Robot activity cards. This set follows the adventures of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as they grapple with a bow-tying robot gone out of control.

Although families can't visit with their favorite characters at Disney Parks for the foreseeable future, Disney's Bedtime Hotline can hopefully help brighten up a child's bedtime routine.