OK, Your Dog *Needs* To Dress Up In One Of These Disney Costumes For Halloween

Halloween is fast on its way, and that means families everywhere are making those crucial costume decisions now. And of course, the family dog has to dress up as well, because nothing pulls in the Halloween candy faster than a cute pooch in costume. To get your dog all set for the holiday, Disney's Halloween pet costumes are beyond perfect. From classic Disney characters to Star Wars creatures, there's a costume for every fandom.

Oh, and if you feel a bit extra when shopping for doggie Halloween costumes, just remember that this trend has some legs. Among Americans who celebrate Halloween, about 18 percent will dress pets in costume, according to the National Retail Federation. Hey, pets are totally part of the family, and some lucky families go all-out for Halloween.

Whether you live with a tiny terrier or a giant mastiff, there's a costume for every dog at the Disney store right now. Maybe you can dress up an exceptionally tolerant cat or your pet capybara, too. Help your pets celebrate Halloween the right way with these sweet getups, and don't be surprised if you totally clean up in the candy department when trick-or-treating. These hilarious and mind-meltingly adorable costumes for animals are everything.

For starters, there are several costumes that feature classic Disney characters. You can even turn your dog into the main mouse himself.

Plus, plenty of creatures from the Star Wars universe are also represented, and they're perfect. If the next Star Wars film gets some serious budget cuts, maybe the crew can just use your costumed dog.

In addition, there are several superhero costumes in the mix, because Disney also owns Marvel Entertainment. This means your dog can become a Spider-Dog easily, no radioactive spider bites needed.

My favorite costumes are probably those that feature beloved cartoon characters. For instance this Woody costume is beyond adorable (and there's also a cute Buzz Lightyear getup as well).

I always forget that The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Disney movie, but the stop-motion musical is totally under their banner. This is great, because the dog costume based on this movie is perfection. Seriously, dress as Jack Skellington and walk your dog in this costume. You just won Halloween.