The Rock, Romance & Snakes, Oh My! Disney's New 'Jungle Cruise' Trailer Is Here

Between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wearing a captain's hat, the wonderfulness of Emily Blunt, and so many slithering snakes, Disney's Jungle Cruise action-packed trailer looks like one adventurous ride. Released Tuesday, March 10, the second official trailer for the upcoming flick gives you a taste of what's to come.

Jungle Cruise, which is not yet rated and is based on the very popular ride at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, stars Johnson as Frank, a skeptical captain of a riverboat who embarks on an adventure with a scientist named Lilly, played by Blunt, in search of a tree that has magical healing powers. "There is a legend in the jungles of the Amazon of a tree that heals all," Blunt's character says in the trailer. "It can change the world. But if it gets into the wrong hands, it could awaken a great evil."

But as the new trailer shows, finding this tree will be no walk in the park. "Everything you see wants to kill you and can," Johnson's character says.

Together, The Rock and Blunt explore the waters of the Amazon, encounter a lot of exotic creatures, and fight a villain looking to thwart their plans.

Jungle Cruise might seem familiar to frequent visitors of Walt Disney World as the movie is based on the ride at Magic Kingdom, which takes park visitors on a 10-minute ride through some of the most "treacherous waters in the Amazon". But Walt Disney World guests don't actually get to encounter real snakes or super villains on the ride. That's saved for The Rock. "We wanted to make a movie that was big, that was epic, that had romance, big comedy, big action," he said during Disney's D23 expo in August, according to Empire. "But most important...it's got me."

Everyone can see The Rock and Blunt's epic adventure play out on the big screen when Jungle Cruise sails into theaters on Friday, July 24.