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Disney Aulani's "Painted Sky Experience" Brings 'Moana's' Magic To Fans

If you're a Disney geek, you know there's nothing more fun than introducing the Magic Kingdom's newest alchemy to your child. But how about adding tropical travel to that mix as well? Disney's Aulani Spa and Resort, situated in ultra-picturesque Honolulu, HI., already boasts a beachside luxury hotel, world-class spa, entertainment from Disney characters and excursions connecting visitors to the island's roots. Well, now the destination resort has a brand-new amenity. Disney's "Painted Sky" Experience is every Moana fan's dream come true.

As Popsugar reported, the new addition to the Aulani experience is the perfect play on local customs: A makeover that uses the world of Moana as a jumping-off point for kids ages 3-12 (think a Disney Theme Park's Bibbidy Bobbidy Boutique, where the kiddos can get their locks done, Cinderella-style).

Ah, but you can get the kiddos far more than just a new 'do here. According to the Disney Aulani website, Painted Sky: The HI Style Studio, which is the formal name of the this addition to the resort, is located at the offers a number of packages to really get kids in the aloha spirit (and teen facials and spa treatments are also available for bigger kids at the Lanawai Spa, too, FYI, as the Between Us Parents blog outlined).

With options starting at $150 — assuming you have flown all the way to the fantastic resort and checked in, of course, it's pricey — you can recreate the magic of Motanui with a hairstyle fit for a tropical prince or princess, a tutu and flower hair clip set and organic shimmer makeup, as Popsugar noted.

The "Moana Swim" package, at $150 and above, boasts a Moana beach bun hairstyle, organic shimmer makeup including SPF 25, a 2-piece Moana swimsuit, a Plumeria color changing necklace, a Plumeria color changing bracelet, and an Aulani resort beach towel. Fun, and your makeover won't wash off this way, for a full day of play, the Disney Aulani site detailed.

The "Mermaid" option, per Disney's site, for $150 and up includes all of the above with the exception of a Mermaid swimsuit while the "Off the Hook!" boys surf and swim package starting at $160 includes a 'do, a Polynesian temporary tattoo, an Aulani rashguard and boardshorts, necklace and beach towel. Stylin'!

Another option, the Motonui Makeover, starting at $175, allows guests a makeover with the extra plus of a visit from an actual wayfinder, photograph included, the official site added.

Attractions magazine also noted that a full range of more intricate costumes are available for kids and parents who really want to go for it (Popsugar noted the ballroom-type get-ups are more for on the $600 side).

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Aulani is supposed to be a fabulous experience, from all that I've heard, and if you're already planning to go, you may as well add a little Moana magic to the mix (just keep in mind, reservations are required for the Painted Spa experience).

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And hey, since as parents we know how thing add up, if you're not planning to hit Hawaii anytime soon, you can do the at-home version with some tropical music, bubbles, grass skirts from the dollar store and bikinis you already have in the closet.

Throw in some lemonade or pineapple juice in fancy cups (if a mommy needs some mommy juice in there to pull all this, I ain't judging) and you'll have your own tropical paradise fit for a king like Tui... but right in the backyard!