TOMS Is Releasing A Disney Collection That Will Make You The Comfiest Belle At The Ball

If glass slippers always felt a little too restrictive, then you're definitely going to love Disney's new TOMS collection being launched this summer. Yes, you heard that correctly — the capsule collection will feature some of your favorite Disney princesses (and their sidekicks) on some of the most comfortable and socially good shoes out there. The collection will be available in women and kid's sizes, so you can get matchy-matchy with your little ones if you want.

The prints come from the Disney archives, according to Footwear News. They were all "created between the mid-1930s and 1959 by a group of young female artists and animators who worked behind the scenes to infuse color and magic into Disney’s much-loved movies," according to Footwear News. Which means that the 30-piece collection isn't just cute. It's kind of empowering, too. TOMS said in a release for the collection, according to Footwear News, "[It’s] for those who break glass ceilings in glass slippers." See what they did there?

The only drawback is that you can't get them all at once (and picking just one print is going to be hard). The collection will launch June 21 with Cinderella, along with Gus and Jaq. Sleeping Beauty prints will come out on July 19 and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs will come just before Labor Day on Aug. 23. A holiday collection with more Disney prints will be released in the fall, though the prints haven't been released just yet. Set a calendar reminder, because these things will definitely sell out quickly. (Someone save me a fairy godmother pair, please.)

Here's The Cinderella Collection

And Snow White

And Sleeping Beauty

As If That Weren't Enough, There Are Sunglasses, Too

All of the shoes and glasses will come in special, limited edition packaging. And, as you can see from the pics, the shoes come in both the classic slip-on and kids' Velcro styles. According to the Revelist, the collection will be priced similar to the regular TOMS collection, with nothing over $75 and eyewear up to $90.

Alright, so they aren't cheap, but they're totally worth it. How can you not splurge on some women-designed, archival Disney prints on the most comfortable summer shoes ever? Your fairy godmother would be all about you treating yourself a little bit.

It's like doing a good deed, too. The shoe brand was founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoski, who, after traveling around the world and seeing people in need, decided that with each purchase of a pair of his shoes, he'd donate one to children in need. All donations are done through humanitarian organizations.

The same business model goes for other TOMS products. When you buy a pair of sunglasses, you "give the gift of sight" to a child in need. And a purchase of their bags supports a program the company has launched to promote maternal health by training people in safe birthing techniques all over the world.

Disney has been partnering with all kids of brands to keep their characters alive. If you need a Disney fix right this minute, Chiara Ferragni released a sparkly Minnie Mouse flat and mule shoe collection earlier this month. Supra, Vans, and Ruthie Davis, among other shoe designers, have also paired with the iconic Disney brand.

Heather Lynn Sanchez, Disney Consumer Products’ senior licensing manager told Footwear News last week:

When it comes to bringing two brands together, you have the character and the fans of the story, and then you have the brands’ fans. You gain a new set of consumers. Finding that brand that fits that specific story is what I’m out there doing. There’s no collaboration that’s the same. Everything is different.

So if TOMS aren't exactly your style, there are tons of sneaker and footwear brands to wear and show your Disney love. But you have to admit — these classic Disney princess prints might just be the best ones.

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