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Do Aria & Ezra Get Married On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Season 7 Promises Multiple Weddings


It's been promised that the final season of Pretty Little Liars would contain twists, answers, and weddings. Last year show creator I. Marlene King confirmed there would be multiple weddings in PLL Season 7 and ever since Ezra proposed fans have been wondering if Aria and Ezra will get married on Pretty Little Liars. Despite the optimistic outlook Aria continues to put on for her friends, it's seeming less and less likely that Aria and Ezra will actually make it down the aisle and get a happily ever after.

Ezra has been consistently putting his ex Nicole ahead of Aria ever since Nicole was found. And while Nicole definitely went through a traumatic experience, she also has a family that can help take care of her. It's no longer Ezra's job to be there for Nicole in such a big way; he's supposed to be there for Aria, his fiancée. Even after Aria told him how she felt about him jetting off to be with Nicole yet again, he was still going to leave, making it all the way to the airport before he changed his mind. And, he really only changed his mind because all the flights were delayed, so it still wasn't a big move for him to make.

Despite all of this, King promised fans at PaleyFest 2017 that all the ships that you would think would be "end game," will be. "All the end games will be the end games," she stated. "But no one will get there super easily." Odds are one of those couples turns out to be Ezra and Aria.

But does that really mean these two will be married before the series ends? It's hard to believe they won't be. These two have been the main couple on the show since Season 1. Even though Ezra hasn't been the best boyfriend/fiancé/teacher ever, it'd be shocking if Aria and Ezra don't say, "I Do."

Still, there has already been one wedding this season. Though it happened very quickly and in a hospital, Yvonne and Toby did technically get married, so that totally counts. Even though King never said just how many weddings there'd be in the final season, it seems doubtful there will be a wedding for every single Liar. And sense Aria is engaged, it would be kind of predictable if she actually did tie the knot. For King, who loves her twists, it does seem plausible that she'd have another Liar get married just to throw fans off.

Whoever ends up getting married, though, the wedding will probably be interesting, especially if A.D. hasn't been revealed yet. Hopefully, it won't end like Toby and Yvonne's did.