Rick Rowell/ABC

Do Ashley & Wells Have Sex In The Fantasy Suite On 'Bachelor In Paradise'?

Well, it's about that time folks. Chris Harrison is handing out Fantasy Suite date cards to the remaining couples on Bachelor in Paradise, and we all openly speculate about who's getting busy during one of the very few times contestants are actually left alone and away from the cameras. Perhaps no one has had their bedroom business pried into more than Ashley I., who is, gasp, a virgin. And though we know it's none of our business, we all can't help wondering anyway, do Ashley and Wells have sex in the fantasy suite? Maybe, but unless they tell us, we don't really get to know.

I've always felt the fantasy suites to be a somewhat crass element to this very weird show, because it straight up invites us all to discuss and dissect who is having sex and to judge them accordingly. Of course, it is a part of the show, and Paradise tends to be a little less prudish than it's parent show. Couples in Paradise can choose to have sex with relatively little to-do all the time. Of course, with Ashley it's different, because she has never had sex before, as everyone won't stop talking about. If Ashley and Wells did get it on, it would mean that her first time essentially came with an audience.

Sex means a lot of different things to different people. I don't know Wells' thoughts exactly, but Ashley has been pretty vocal about hers, vocal enough to make it pretty clear that she's not looking to have sex outside the bounds of mutual love and commitment. This is the reason she didn't have sex with Jared in the fantasy suite last year, and why I can't imagine she's any different this year. Also, we should all probably just butt out of Ashley's sex life.

The Fantasy Suite is a tradition, but it is also a tradition to be reminded that we need to stop being so nosy about what happens behind closed doors. No matter who it is behind the Fantasy Suite's door, we shouldn't be so quick to assume or not assume that they had sex. Instead, we should just accept the fact that whatever happens behind closed doors is the couple's business, and none of ours. Power on, happy BiP duos.