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Turns Out, Your Breasts Are Bigger During Ovulation

So many crazy things happen to your body during your cycle. You're up, you're down, you're driving through McDonald's in the middle of the night ordering french fries and a chocolate shake. You get horny, you gain energy, but do your breasts get bigger during ovulation? Because it feels like more than your milkshake cup runneth over.

Ovulation is a very interesting process. Your body gets all amped up on progesterone and it affects your body in some really whacky ways. For instance, did you know that your face appears more symmetrical during ovulation? According to Live Science, this is just one of evolution's gifts. The theory is that it makes you more attractive to potential mates and may make up for that slump you feel during PMS when you have that huge zit on your chin. You can tell yourself, "I'm going to feel so hot again in two weeks." (But you and I both know you're always hot, regardless of what the PMS monster tells you.)

Also, you get quite randy during ovulation — but not for just any person. Oh no, straight and bisexual women are more likely to find the ruggedly handsome, hunter type men more alluring during this point in the cycle, noted Women's Health. It's like your hormones are saying, "Look at him with his square chin, swinging that axe. He'd be a great protector of our young, even if it is weird he has an axe at a bar in the middle of Brooklyn."

Your body is sending off all kinds of signals, too. Did you know that men can smell your fertility? According to a study conducted by researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, your ovulation pheromones are like magic emanating from your pores. With all of that work your body's doing, it makes sense your lady lumps would change, too. So do your breasts get bigger during ovulation?

Yes, yes they do. According to Johns Hopkins University, those hormones plump up your breasts and make them perky with added blood flow, sensitivity, and the appearance of fullness. It is theorized that this is to lure mates and enhance the desire of the woman to find and select a mate. They're bigger, better, and oh so sensitive when you're getting ready to release an egg.

So if you find that your bra is a little fuller for a day or two each month, you can thank evolution for trying to swipe right on all the potential mates for you via your boobs. Thanks, evolution.