Mitch Haaseth/ABC

Danielle M. & Nick Share A Similiar Upbringing

In the second episode of The Bachelor Season 21, Danielle M. and Nick Viall had their very first successful solo date. Their connection seemed genuine as they both opened up about the difficulties of their pasts. Nick told the story of being broken up with three times on national television for the hundredth time so far this season and Danielle shared a much deeper trauma, the sudden death of her fiancé from an overdose five years ago. The emotional openness allowed Nick and Danielle to solidify their tentative connection, but that connection sparked when they revealed they were from the same place: Wisconsin. But could this geographic connection mean they met before? Do Danielle M. and Nick know each other?

Nick said that Danielle was from his hometown of Waukesha, which gave their date a "level of comfort," but didn't reveal if they ever crossed paths before joining the show. As someone who has never been to Waukesha or anywhere else in Wisconsin, I can't speak to the size of the suburb, but it certainly seems plausible that they could have passed each other by at the local mall once or twice. However, considering they didn't attend the same schools and may not have been in the same social circles, it's just as plausible that they never met before. Neither has mentioned it if they have.

Nick has been dealing with ghosts from his past all season long, and not just ones related to his days on The Bachelorette. He was thrown for a loop when he found out a former fling was amongst the contestants for the season and combined with all the references to his past relationships, it seems like Nick's season is all about days gone by. Is it really possible that another woman from his past could have found her way onto the show?

While the location makes it possible, the fact that no one has brought it up makes it less likely. The Bachelor tried to get as much mileage as it could out of Nick's pre-show connection with Liz, so if he also knew Danielle it would have definitely come up by now. And it might be a little too convenient if every woman Nick ever crossed paths with showed up at the Bachelor mansion.

It looks like Danielle and Nick's shared hometown is just another unique little detail that helps them find common ground on their date. It's not a mystery that needs uncovering.