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Does DJ Khaled Want More Kids?

by Jenn Rose

No disrespect to the other billions of parents around the world, but only one is the best, and I've found him. So it's only natural to wonder if the most doting dad of all time, DJ Khaled, wants more kids with Nicole Tuck, his fianceé and mother to Asahd Tuck Khaled. It sounds pretty likely, because when Khaled announced Tuck's pregnancy last May, he told People, "This is my first kid and I’m excited and I want more. I’ve always wanted to be a family man. I’m in a great family and I want to have my own family at the same time."

Asahd was born in October, and unlike most celebs who sneak off to the hospital and wait for weeks to announce their kids' existence, the proud father Snapchatted the birth of his firstborn and confirmed all the details right away. Khaled's rep soon shared all the details of the "beautiful, healthy young icon" with Us Weekly, even explaining that the child's name is Arabic for "lion," his dad's favorite animal. Since then, the infant has racked up more than 36 million followers on Twitter, where he mostly shares links to his Instagram account and replies to his adoring fans with strings of emojis and exclamation points.

But the adoration goes beyond social media. Asahd is the executive producer of his father's latest album, Grateful, complete with the lawyer and royalties to back it up. His father claims that he really did produce the alum, too; in March, he told Jimmy Kimmel that his baby always attended recording sessions either in person or via FaceTime, and his reactions to the tracks would signal whether it was a hit or not. When Kimmel jokingly asked what it meant if Asahd pooped, Khaled responded in earnest, "Believe it or not, the poops and the throw-ups are super blessings." He recalled the time his baby blessed him with vomit while he was mixing "Shining," his collaboration with Beyoncé and JAY-Z: "Whatever he wanna do. That's my son; I love him."

In a June interview with Mass Appeal, "Asahd" discussed his his Gucci wardrobe, as well as the title of Grateful: "At first, I told daddy to name the album I Love Mommy and Daddy, but he said, 'No, I’m more grateful for you.'" The cover features Asahd in a custom-made silk suit and gold chains, seated on a throne between his father and an actual lion cub. His father's love for him has actually inspired a hilarious meme, with fans imagining hypothetical scenarios of a thirsty Khaled and an exhausted baby who just wants a little space, for once. Khaled constantly tweets (sometimes in all caps) about how much he loves being a father, and considering his incredibly positive outlook on life, it shouldn't be long before he looks to double that joy.