The Truth About Jalapenos Inducing Labor

As your pregnancy comes to a close, you become more "done" with being pregnant as each day passes. More likely than not, you've probably been looking for ways to get this show on the road without medically inducing labor. Natural ways to induce labor are somewhat hit or miss, although many mothers swear by certain methods to get contractions going. Eating spicy food is one of the default methods of at-home induction, and is a safe, relatively consequence free way of trying to kickstart things from the comfort of your own kitchen or favorite restaurant. But what kinds of spicy foods count? Do jalapeños induce labor? Pregnant moms who love a little kick to their food might just be in luck.

According to Fit Pregnancy, eating spicy foods like jalapeños affects your intestines, which in turn smooths the other muscles in your gut (like your uterus,) causing them to contract. Another theory behind the method is that spicy foods cause your body to release prostaglandins — hormones that can cause your uterus to contract — which should cause actual contractions to begin, according to Healthline.

In theory, it sounds totally do-able. And, apparently to some women it is. But the trick is to eat a lot of whatever spicy food you choose. According to Baby Center, there isn't any conclusive evidence that spicy foods can kickstart labor.

Like any at-home method, it's all dependent upon your body and how "primed" it is to go into labor. But don't let it stop you from eating your favorite pizza, curried chicken, or tacos with extra jalapeños — just be prepared for the subsequent heartburn that may follow, if labor doesn't.

Whether or not at-home induction methods actually work, they can at least give you something productive to do while you wait for your body to get things going.