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Here's Where Kortni & Logan's Relationship Stands On 'Floribama Shore'

Out of all of MTV's shows, Floribama Shore is arguably the most dramatic. Case in point: in the series' most recent episode, star Kortni Gilson and her boyfriend, Logan Fairbanks got into a major fight that culminated in the former declaring she was ready to cut ties for good. But given the pair's on-and-off relationship, some fans didn't buy her promise, wondering if Kortni and Logan will get back together on Floribama Shore.

It's no secret Kortni and Logan don't have the best relationship. Logan comes across as insecure and possessive, while Kortni appears to struggle with self-esteem issues, especially in the context of their union. Making matters more tough? Logan isn't a cast member of Floribama Shore, which means fans only get to see their interactions through phone calls and nights out at the da club (yes, I said it). Obviously, this filming predicament makes it difficult for viewers to get a full sense of what's going on between the two. Either way, many fans can agree the two don't have a healthy relationship.

Unfortunately, things took an especially concerning turn for the worse when Logan showed up unannounced (because that's always an awesome idea) to confront Kortni about their situation. Kortni had been avoiding Logan until she knew whether she was pregnant or not, an endeavor her fellow cast mates supported her in. The ladies couldn't help Kortni out, however, when Logan busted into their home acting a fool.

A scared Nilsa later told cameras about the incident, according to TooFab:

I literally thought I was in, I'm like, this is how horror movies are made. This kid pops up out of nowhere. Literally runs into our house. The guys didn't think anything of it because they didn't know what was going on. They don't really know the whole dynamics of everything. And so like when he just popped up out of nowhere, I'm like, 'I'm about to die. This is the beginning of a war zone. Where is security?'

Yikes. The good news is Kortni was able to usher Logan out, and no one was hurt.

Kortni, who was aware of how the moment could have ended in disaster, said during a confessional, according to TooFab:

You want to walk out of my life, honey that door is wide the f**k open. And I will slam it shut behind you, deadbolt that bitch, nail it shut and you aren't getting back in...I will never get back with Logan, I don't want him to be a part of my life.

As anyone who has a friend who always seems to get back with their terrible ex knows, however, words are often just words. And it appears like this might be true for Kortni because MTV teased Friday that she's considering taking Logan back. *Bangs head on keyboard*

Apparently, Logan sent Kortni a rap (it hurt to type that) in an effort to win her back. "What is Kortni thinking!? Is she seriously considering taking Logan back because he wrote her a rap!?" MTV tweeted along with a clip of Kortni reading aloud Logan's bizarre ode.

Although viewers won't get to find out how this ends until Monday night, I can say it doesn't seem like these two are headed for a reunion. Why you ask? Well, Logan was arrested in August for allegedly violating Kortni's restraining order against him, according to TMZ.

Kortni (who is seemingly not pregnant, btw) also appears to be enjoying a life free of Logan. The reality star's Instagram account is full of family and friends, a good sign for people who don't like her ex.

Of course, you can't know things will play out on the episode until it airs. Stay tuned.