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Lauren B. & Arie Will Be Given Some Alone Time In 'The Bachelor' Fantasy Suite

I'll be honest, the "fantasy suite" part of The Bachelor and Bachelorette always kind of gave me the heebie jeebies because the word "fantasy" is awkward when not used in a specific context, and because it invites the world to speculate about other people's bedroom habits. So if you're wondering do Lauren B. and Arie have sex in the fantasy suite, you should know that the answer should pretty much always be that it's really none of our business.

Every season on The Bachelor, the lead is allowed to present his final three contestants with a fantasy suite date card (this also goes for the Bachelorette). Sometimes the leading man gives the date to all three women, and sometimes fewer. In the fantasy suites, the couple is allowed to spend the night together without the cameras present for the first time in their entire courtship. They get to talk openly, share secrets, maybe even remove some make up, and yes, they can also have sex if they so choose. For many people sex is an important factor in a relationship. If two people don't connect sexually then there's a chance the relationship might not work out — so it's totally reasonable that a couple be allowed to, ahem, test things out before actually getting engaged. So in theory I don't have a problem with the fantasy suites. I just hate what they're called.

As far as just how busy Arie and Lauren B. get while on their fantasy suite date, the whole point is that they're allowed to hang out without cameras for once. Maybe this is when Lauren B. really opens up and starts actually talking and showing some real personality. Maybe this level of intimacy results in another level of intimacy. Or maybe not. Maybe someone will accidentally spill the beans at the After the Final Rose special, like Nick Viall did (never forget that jerk moment). In any case, I tend to treat the fantasy suites like Vegas. What happens in the hotel room stays in the hotel room. Or at least it should.

Of course, the fact that it's a little nosey to openly wonder about whether or not Lauren B. and Arie had sex doesn't stop people from being curious. After all, the relationship between these two people seems built more on their physical chemistry with one another rather than their sparkling banter. It's no wonder that everyone is curious as to whether they took this chemistry all the way on the fantasy suites (OK, I'm running out of ways to say sex). It is human nature to be curious after all, that's why this show even exists.

But I have no answers for you. It's possible that it will all come out eventually. Perhaps someone will reveal the details later on. Maybe it will be revealed at the After the Final Rose. Or maybe it will remain a secret forever whether or not they did the deed in Peru. I'm sorry that this is how it has to be. We've seen almost every aspect of these relationships develop on screen, but this is one instance where these two deserve some alone time without us peeping in.

So if you're wondering whether or not they have sex on this date, it's totally understandable. Just keep in mind that you're most likely never going to find out unless one of the two people involved specifically tells you. And even then, it's still really nobody's business but theirs and theirs alone.

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