Viserion May Not Be The Only Ice Dragon On 'Game Of Thrones'

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones broke a lot of fans' hearts as they watched one of Daenerys' dragons not only die but be turned into a wight, or ice dragon, if you will. Now that many fans' theories of a dragon being turned into a wight have come true, many are undoubtedly wondering do more ice dragons exist on Game of Thrones? It's a real (and terrifying) possibility.

First, it's important to note that it's unclear if Viserion, the dragon who was killed, is actually an ice dragon. Ice dragons are actually a different species of dragons that exist in the world of Game of Thrones. In the companion book to the popular book series the show is based off of, author George R. R. Martin describes ice dragons as coming from the Shivering Sea, the ocean between The North of Westeros and Essos. These dragons, unlike regular dragons, "supposedly breathe cold, a chill so terrible that it can freeze a man solid in half a heartbeat."

Since ice dragons are actually a species of living dragons, it seems unlikely that what the Night King did to Viserion turned him into an ice dragon. However, it's difficult to know for sure and fans will have to wait and see if Viserion still breathes fire or ice. Whatever Viserion is now, it seems fair to assume that the Night King only has one dragon.

If the Night King already had a dragon, why wouldn't he have used it already? He could do some serious damage with a dragon, and probably would've attacked the Wall long ago if he had one in his possession. Therefore, it's much more likely that he purposefully killed Viserion, not only to take a dragon from the side of the living, but also so he could have one of his very own.

However, even though the Night King may may not have other dragons, that doesn't mean they don't exist on the show. In fact, there's a popular fan theory that an ice dragon actually resides inside the Wall that has protected Westeros from White Walkers for almost 8,000 years. But how could a dragon be hiding in the wall?

Reddit user AnakinGabriel suggests that for the Wall to stand for as long as it has it must've been built with incredible magic, similar to how dragons are powerful magical creatures. Reddit user Maelys_the-Marvelous added that the "Others" who created the Wall way back when may have actually used ice dragons to build it. Maybe they also stored an ice dragon in the wall to make sure it stood for all these years. Unfortunately, it looks like fans may find out the truth soon because the Night King now seems to have everything he needs to take it down.